How the Globalists implement Neocolonialism: Logical Positivism & Exo-Nationalism


Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger


The present Ukrainian-Winter shares a common ground with the Arab-Spring, which runs deeper then initially perceived. This article reviews the terms and principles which underlay these developments and their media misrepresentation.This article first shortly describes the principles which underlay the political phenomena which rose to prominence since the french revolution, throughout ‘the spring of nations’ in 1848, during the chapters of the world-wars and of the cold war. and which still exhibits itself right in our face today across Europe’s periphery.Then, the deep subject matters of the Ukraine and of the Arab-world are discussed.

 It is necessary to first present the theoretical foundations of the various world-views and ideologies involved, because all they underlay and realistic discussion of perpetrations, organizations, campaigns, criteria, categorization and criticism.

 The powers behind the global curtains are neither new nor dilettante and their modus-Operandi are neither improvised nor transparent. They rather tend to repeat their congenital approaches and methodologies in their recent orchestrations, while the modus operandi propagated on the mass media is not the one actually committed.

 It is also very important to understand that the globalists’ world view is centuries old, founded on medieval black-magic aka ‘Kaballah’ which later mixed in to the thinking and writings of Renaissance figures like Giordano Bruno and Isaac Newton, thus leading the decisive majority of the Intelligentsia to believe in a convoluted delusional world view which they still consider to have been realistic and scientific all along. This convolution of mind attempts to survive by means of further distorting scientific perceptions and by means of employing disastrous ideologies.

Science has been strategically distorted by means of generating and enforcing fantasy hallucinations, while excommunicating honest i.e. real scientists much like they have been doing since humans have come to exist and to believe in the shadows of their contorted souls. One infamous set of distortions is the triplet of toilets-cosmology consisting of a ‘Big-bang’ [Links:Refuted Debunked] in the ‘Black-holes’ with the ‘dark-matter’ and the other rumbles about some impossible artificial global warming, which they still try to imitate by means Geo-engineering comprising of Chemtrails and of Nuclear Corium leaks till perpetuity. For all those reasons, our present day world politics is occultist down to its rotten core, which pays no respect to truth, intellectualism, earth’s well being, or any prospects of decent civilization.

 ‘Zero-Sum Games’ aka Zero-Sum Conflicts

 In a Zero-Sum game any gain for a player incurs a loss to another player, where the gain is equal to the loss, namely the sum of the gain and the loss is zero.A Zero-sum game is thus non-synergistic but rather a sheer conflict.The Kouran is the primer on applicable Zero-Sum conflicts, discussed in the following [Link] in contrast to Christianity and in comparison to Judaism.

Logical Positivism vs.  Gödel´s Incompleteness Theorem 

‘Logical Positivism’ is the vain arrogant disregard of Epistemological constraints.
* Logical Positivism was debunked by Gödel´s Incompleteness Theorem [Link].

Logical positivism is a sheer-materialistic domain which is a necessary ingredient of Zero-Sum management. The diametric opposite mode thereto is the survival of open-ended systems, which in turn is based on synergy, which in turn rely on sympathy and empathy.

The sheer-empirical epidemiological constraints over the human and other natural bio-systems, ecosystems, societies and economies were linguistically categorized in the pre-scientific era in terms of divinities and indeed the perception of what’s etymologically reserved from us humans is of being exalted.


This term, which I have just coined, means that we humans don’t really understand enough about what’s in the outer space, namely we face an epidemiological barrier with regards to understanding the outer space, and then we leverage this limitation in order to symbolize the epidemiological limitations we face in our earthly lives.

 The human Moon-landing program was and still is a fine example of such an Astro-Epistemological case, where on the one hand the US Government (USG) used the Apollo program in order to gain strategic prestige and when on the other hand it still remains at large what was being filmed, with the result clearly failing the Parallax test [Link]. Gravity can be emulated by means of (electro-) magnetism, thus ballistic trajectories measured on the Apollo film cannot prove anything [Link].

Likewise, the toy-reflector of the Apollo program is a known mock [Link][Link], while the alleged moon rocks are either earthly [Link][Link] or petrified wood [Link].

 The aforementioned unholy-triplet of toilets-cosmology, consisting of a ‘Big-bang’ in the ‘Black-holes’ with the ‘dark-matter’, starkly exemplifies how the more impossible and obfuscated cosmological claims are made, the mightier their agent becomes.

The wider public actually believes that dark-magic rubbish much like it does Astrology, perhaps since it is more comforting and condoling to assume that even the brightest scientists cannot measure thus cannot know the actual subject matter thus to be sure about the facts of reality of this entire world, than to acknowledge one’s own ineptitude with Mathematics thus with Physics too.

 The primary division of Secularism is to Scientific secularism on the one hand and to ‘Humanist Secularism’ on the other. Scientific Secularism attempts to push back the state of epistemology while ‘Humanist secularism’ is a superficial reductionist framing of the human state in a vain and most disastrous attempt to control the entirety of the global situation. ‘Human Secularism’ is thus the primary satanist ideology of the Illuminati. The various branches of political Illuminati all feature logically positivist ideologies:

1. Communism – is an utterly rigged game, thus enforces commonplace poverty.
2. Socialism – is latent Communism, i.e. communism under disguise.

3. Feminism – breaking down the contextualized society  and render its remains row underlying asset for the Communism.

4. Naziism – is the state-level heavy-duty foreign-intervention task-force
on the service of the illuminati. It leads the proactive controlled opposition
to the globalists – based on its profound scientific and industrial base,
unlike communism which is mostly reactive – being restricted to its permanently
lagging managerial, industrial and economical development.

5. Fascism aka Corporatism (the term Mussolini preferred)   is the mechanistic conduit of them all.

 Please note:

1. Monarchism doesn’t have to be Logically positivist and often isn’t. It rather typically excuses itself to its subjects by means of drawing reference from the
existential epistemological constraints, aka ‘the great unknown’, and claims its own Raison-d’être to providing its subjects with some mitigation for those constraints. The epistemological constraints are symbolized by means of divinities,which shape is inspired by astrology. Religion is a scheme of functional social     order thus it must be designed to serve down to earth purposes. Assisting this design by means of astro-divinities yields Astro-theology.

2. All branches of political illuminati always attacks both religious Jews and Priests.

3. None of the above means that any particular stories or any other claims of nay
religion necessarily derive from any existential or epistemological constraints.


1. Islam

1.1 Is a zero-sum game culture.

1.2 Moukhammad (falsely: “Mohammed”) is the metaphoric promulgator

      of Zero-Sum conflict-management and the Kouran is the Primer.

1.3 Jihad is a Messianic precept which pretext is the Kouran.

 2. Real/Original Ultra-Orthodox Jews:

2.1 Separatist, self-appointed elitists.

2.2 Defer Messianism till perpetuity.

 3. Sabbatean, Hassidic Jews & Zionist

3.1 Are brute-force Messianic, while clueless of the modern world politics,
and rather enthusiastically subscribe to lousy propaganda.

3.2 Prefer provisoric, Ad-Hoc, tricky approaches to systematic foundations.

 4. Banksters

4.1 Banksters = Banking Gangsters.

4.2 Suicide Bankers saws off the bough they sit on,

 by means of consuming their ecosystem. This is facilitated by means of fiat

currency, which is state-wide and even global a Ponzi scheme.

4.3 Banksters attempt to optimize their position in the realm of fiat money,

      while discounting on the provisions of the physical/real world.

 4.4 How the Banksterite Empire of democracy works

The holy grail of Banksterism is the separation between risk and reward, where
the latter is for them and the former is for their clientèle. The strategic
implementation is a state hijack whereby the state must take huge loans on a
regular basis from the private central bank, and pay interest on it, which it collects
from investing that money on its own risk. Democracy is the scheme for hiding  the real rulers, who are the money masters, from the general public which elects between the presenters, aka ‘politicians’, that the rulers sanction in to this circus   by means of massive financing e.g. electoral donations and co-opting the media.

  5. Naziism

5.1 Naziism is based on a hard-necked logical-positivist state of mind, by which
one gains a package of goods I.F.F. (if and only if) somebody else loses it.

 5.2 This way of thinking [4.1] fits farmers and mechanics/assembly-workers,

      but not scientists, merchants (aka market researchers)

      and Hi-Tech leaders – who are a mix of scientists with merchants.

 5.3 Given [4.1], it is not surprising the NSDAP made extreme expenses

      on rocketry while mere tepid expenses on Hi-Tech thus lost the radar, sonar

      and encryption fronts, with immediate effect of being overwhelmed at sea,

      in the air and on the ground. Electronic-Warfare (EW) together with

      Electronic Counter Warfare (ECW) make for an incomplete space which

      evolved from the Analogue through the Digital to the Computerized, to the

      encrypted to the networked programmed infectious Cyberspace.

      This is where tangibility like mechanics is immaterial to the subject matter

      itself, while not even second places survive. EW & ECW

 5.4 The absence of Synergy described in [4.1] implies at a lack of systematic

      vitality in favor of a simplistic emergency mitigation, which is then pursued

      by means of brute force – until it is being outsmart by means of

      a sophisticated approach.

 5.5 NATO’s intervention in the Ukraine in 2014 is a blatant Putsch,

      which is likely to be repelled by the next elections or by means of

      a counter-revolution like in Egypt in 2013. This time round NATO will have

      to match against the KGB/FSB rather not the Ukrainian services.

 5.6 Unlike the inclusive manner of Russian and French imperialism

      and unlike the constructive manners of Anglo-American imperialism,

      Naziism is nothing but abusiveness, simply being [4.1].

 5.7 Naziism was fused at its core to corporate America

      i.e. partook in corporading America which is the later-day robbing barons.

 5.8 Naziism comprises a Messianic Propensity, since Messianism is based on the

      assumption that a finite effort may suffice for a better life.

      A life of learning leaves Messianism at off-sides, by means of better

      achievements which are gained on the basis of having taken the inverse

      approach to start with.

 Messianism and Destabilisation

Every Messianic movement in history stirred great disorder and when prominent

led to drastic destabilisation. Some destabilisation perpetrations only wore the

sheep-skin of Messianism, which in the secular cases was dubbed ‘ideologism’.

Given UN Agenda 21 which intends to reduce the world human population to a

single Billion people, it is only expected that Messianic Naziism shall crop up

big time in plain sight. Present examples: The Putsch in the Ukraine and Jihad

across the Middle-East and Africa, with some clear off-shoots already evident in

the remaining section of EMEA, namely Across Eurabia.

Traits of Zero Sum Actors (ZSA):

1. Egocentric.

2. Lacking: Sympathy, Empathy, Dialog, Synnergy.

3. Misentropic

4. Xenophoic

5. Racist

6. Sadist

7. Avaricious


This term I have just coined, meaning a national exo-skeleton,which wraps real nations, in order to to provide them with a mission-orientated packaging, thus forming a task force for some globalist power.It is an external nationality which lacks a physical nation to be coupled with it.While a per-se Nation is a pair of race and its functional-social order (FSO), then Exo-Nationalism may stretch beyond the specific culture while covering some sub-set (partial or complete) of one race. Exo-Nationalism is imposed by means of mass-communication propaganda and fascist regimes and denies the freedoms of the Intelligentsia.

Exo-nationalism stems out of Logical Positivism, concerning nations to have been bulk human resources lacking holistic nature and function.

 The Nazi “Race Theory”: a case in Exo-Nationalism

Formally, the Nazi “Race Theory” was always inconsistent with itself even at the most superficial declarative level, having regarded nominal race attributes according to sheer political attributed like Geography (those of the Slavic people who resisted them) and Religion (All Jews), rather not sticking with the biological meaning

of a race, which is the genetic constellation, which matches the local circumstances of climate, illumination and terrain.  In the Nazi case, the intended boxing sack was the USSR, while the bogeyman was ‘the Jew’ instead of ‘the Banker’ or the poor workers, since the western bankers financed Hitler while most Germans were themselves poor workers with prevalent communist tendencies. Adolf Eichman attested in writing in 1961 in Jerusalem that some 80% of the adult German public were communists, thus the generic Jew was taken for a Bogeyman along the well entrenched Medieval tradition.

 EU expansion is Exo-Nationalist

The EU geography stretched over a large range of climatic regions, which feature substantially differing forms of flora and fauna – Humans included.The NATO agenda to extend the EU through Asia-minor, via Iran till Pakistan,in order to encircle Russia from the south, is very much Exo-Nationalist,

thus packs in it lots of harm to its constituent nations, ethnicities, races and cultures.The EU’s capacity to stabilize the situation of the GIPSI countries, i.e. Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain & Ireland, stems from the EU’s confederative constellation, which allows the healthier nations to negotiate vs. the abusive international banksters.

The essential struggle about the nature of the EU is between a tendency towards a Federacy and between a Confederacy. Because the EU lacks a directly elected executive body, the case of a Federacy is then strictly Exo-Nationalist, while the a Confederacy is less oppressive thanks to the national parliaments negotiating against the international banksters.

 The Exo-nationalist nature of the EU’s executive body has been demonstrated in various cases, especially the recent gross and criminal international interventionism:

 1. Destruction of the Family and community the world over

1.1 Link:Europe backs sanctions over anti-gay laws

                but not over the explicitly Jihadist military nuclear program of Iran,

                including its Hezbollah extensive launching infrastructure.

1.2 Link: EU stamps out economic freedom for feminism.

 2 Explicit Strategic Anti-Semitism

   Although the League of Nations acknowledged the Jewish sole collective
possession over the land, already in 1921 at the San-Remo convention [Link]:

2.1 Link:EU bans contracts between member states, settlements

2.2 Link: illegal excuses for EU economic attack on Israel

 3. The NATO Putsch in Kiev

3.1 Link:Farage: EU has ‘Bloody Hands’ over Ukraine.
3.2 Link: Farage accuses EU for Poking Russia over Ukraine.
3.3 Link:”Magnitsky list”: MEPs call for EU sanctions against 32 Russian Officials.

3.4 Link:Zbigniew Brzezinski – The Grand Chessboard.

 The EU is an Anti-Christ,

 having abolished both Biblical Testaments,and focuses on being a Eurabian Jihadist Task-force subservient to the globalist fully-open (aka circumcised) Eye-of-Providence/Horus. Officially nobody knows why the covenant of the Biblical Patriarch Abraham with ‘El-ohim’/’Allah’ involves circumcision, which throws away 90% of the nerve endings in that area of the body and leaves the remaining 10% unprotected.

 The author of this text presumes that ceremonial Circumcision can be understood to be the process of opening the eye of Providence [Link] aka Horus, on the newborn male in order to establish a covenant of providence for him by Horus, namely the covenant of Patriarch Abraham with God. Circumcision is replicated in the Kouran with attribution to Moukhammad, thus survives the abolition of both Biblical Testaments in the present occidental society which is anti-Christian and anti-Jewish.

The Roman renaming of Judea to Palestine, thus renaming the Jews Palestinians, has been revoked and inverted to rename those the Roman banned from the country likewise from the rest of the Roman/Byzantine empire, namely the Arabs, to now become ‘the Palestinians’.

According to Matthew 22:21, the people render to God, including via Caesar.Where God means the choice of life and Caesar means a nationally agreed leader. Exo-nationalism is ungodly, and instead of a Caesar all become subservient to a stealthy Banksterite regime.

The strategic aggression NATO issues against Russia, single-sidedly and unprovoked, is aimed at destroying the Christian defensive Russia has mounted against the perversion-riots NATO has been playing in Russia aka ‘Pussy Riots’.

Bloodshed, robbery and perversions are all that the Anglo-American empire brings to Europe by means of its prongs named NATO and the EU.

 The EU in that regard includes all its associates, internal and external alike: Norway, Switzerland, Israel and the Jihadist Caliphate named PNA/Hamas.

 The Ukraine today – a case study in Logical Positivism and in Exo-Nationalism

 This speech [Link, from time 37:00] given by Dr. Webster Tarpley, describes how the German imperial general stuff fabricated a state to be named ‘the Ukraine’, which is the Russian term for a frontier-land, in order to provide Germany a foothold from which to further push against Russia. Moscow lies a mere 200km from the nearest Ukrainian border, thus is mortally threatened by a western ‘Ukraine’. Thus Russians were indoctrinated and trained by the German in order to instantiate a Ukraine. Thus the Ukrainian identity departs from the Russian one in a Synthetic manner, namely is a superficial national overlay aka Exo-Nationalism.

 Ukraine is again being abused by the USA in order to destabilize Europe, sufficing insofar with piece-meal Corporatism/Fascism and Psychological-warfare.The street-gang violence which insofar characterizes the entirety of the Ukrainian destabilization and aggression, absent of unified or mobilized a nation, has though explicitly invoked the resurgence of the Nazi motive on theEuropean center field, quite likely for sake of fear mongering aka psychological warfare.

 * The road of Logical Positivism taken:

1. There’s wasn’t, isn’t and not gonna be income to be looted in the Ukraine,

    with an average salary of $140/Month [Link].

2. All the Gas comes from Russia, thus giving the pipes to Chevron

    puts the EU at the mercy of the USA – cascaded to that of Putin’s.

3. The EU actually registers a mild nominal growth,

    with the north booming on commerce with Russia and China.

    Libya and Mali were looted for the gold missing in western vaults,

    and so is the Ukraine: Gold on the table ups for grabs.

 The interest to pay on this gold will be:

1. Lost future growth for the EU.

2. An arms race for the entire NATO vs. Russia.

 ** The delayed-satisfaction approach:

The better alternative was to ‘forgive’ future interest servicing on naked fiat

loans, which is unpayable anyhow, thus reducing financial instability,

thus reducing the immediate cardinal and critical demand for gold.

 The Palestinian Identity-politics: a conditioned Exo-Nationalism

 The concepts of Jihad in general and of ‘the Right of Return’ in particular, are incarnations of the earlier Exo-nationalist ‘Lebensraum’ concept, which actually leads to mixing populations thus violating the national character and being. Those concepts are commonly applauded by the Arab rulers, all since ever and without exception Tyrants, in order to deflect blame from the oppression they inflict on their people. This oppression also comprises of confining the congenital ‘refugees’ to serfdom in perpetual transit camps and of weapons sprees for the Tyrants.

 In 1917 Britain carved itself a ‘Palestine’ from the Ottoman empire, which never had a Palestine but rather the Ottoman Sanjak (District) of Judea [map link]. Till that time, much of the little Muslim population present on that territory were Bedouin, namely nomads mounted on camels living in makeshift tents, who roved across the imaginary borders Britain and France drew on the map.

In order to balance-off the Jewish presence and history, the UK ‘borrowed’ the Roman renaming of Judea to Palestine and then loaned the historic geographic designation of the Jews, i.e. Palestinians, to whatever Arabs to British managed to amass within the border that Britain had just curved along their own geo-strategic aspirations.

 In order to put that in to practice, the British started during WWI with Amalgamating the Arab tribes in to an explicitly indoctrinated Arab nationality.

 Mufti Al-Husseini, the Man who Nazified the Muslims

In the 1920’s British appointed a Bedouin named Amin Al-Husseini to become a regional leader en-route for later to be fabricated a national identity. In 1929 UK then prompted the Arabs to slain their Jewish neighbours in towns the UK wanted and still wants to become Judenfrei: Hebron, ‘Nablus'(Schchem) & Gaza.

Al-Husseini was and is one of the leading families in the Ottoman Sanjak (District) of Judea [map link], thereafter British-Palestine (BP). Al-Housseini was appointed by the British (the redneck Christians) to be Mufti and to create the ‘Palestinian identity’.

Mufti Al-Husseini drew his ideology from the NSDAP and it prevails till date: Video Link: Nazi Collaborators: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin elHusseini and Current Islamo-Nazi indoctrination: Palwatch – Palestinian Media Watch

During WWII, when Al-Husseini was ‘exiled’ to Berlin,his family remained all along in utter safety and convenience in BP. The UK bankrolled him all along, likewise the rise of the PLO since the 1970s under the staged circumstances of airliner hijacking.

Late November 1947 the Arab Higher Committee [Link] declared an extermination war on all the Jews in the country thus starting a war in which it mostly lost, thus many of the Arabs left the country. In places were the Jews lost, the Jews were either thoroughly massacred or evacuated on time. The Jews lost were the Arabs were lead by the British Army: on the central front it was a British-Iraqi army and on the south and  British-Egyptian army. The RAF and Royal Navy fought directly against Israel.

The British further sought to counter-balance the Jewish historiography, by means of alleging an analogy between Arabs, to a large Guest workers who left the country during the war the Arab Higher Committee [Link], to the Biblical Hebrew Exodus of Egyptian Slavery.

This explains the peculiarly named UNRWA [Link]:

“The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the

Near East (UNRWA) is a relief and human development agency.”

This is apart from the UN relief and development agency for the rest of

humanity named UNHCR [Link]:
“The UN’s refugee agency, the site contains feature stories and information
about the UN’s work for refugees around the world”.

 Palestine was the name the Roman empire fabricated for Judea in order to keep its spirit subjugated and indeed the PLO was never a religious organisation, unlike its antithetic sibling the Hamas which name abbreviates for: Muslim Resistance Movement and which is a branch of the Muslim brotherhood. The Hamas resists all which isn’t Muslim, while the PLO has always been a close business partner of the west and since 1991 of Israel’s too, aligning Junta to Junta. The entire concept of Occidental remote-control over the holy sites is based on the ancient principle of Divide et Impera i.e. separate and rule, between the Jews and between the Arabs.

It thus follows that the ‘conflict’ between the Arabs and between the Jews is not intended to be solvable but rather is designed to be a Gordian-Knot stuffed down the throat of the Jewish state. For that purpose, alongside UNCHR [] the UN refugee Agency, exists UNRWA only for those whose forefather ever were, at least for 2 years, between 1946 and 1948, Guest workers by the Palestinian Jews. The notion of a ‘Naqba’ i.e. ‘Catastrophe’ in Arabic, describing the emigration of Arabs from the land, suggest there having been a formative event analogous to the Biblical exodus which generated the Hebrew people. This loose analogy is fundamental to the attempt to create a competing narrative to the Biblical Jewish history; it attests to the deeply entrenched defamatory sentiment behind the entire ‘Palestinian’ edifice of lies.

  The newly fabricated national identity, i.e. Palestinian-Arab or Palestinian in short, was inaugurated about 1960, on time for the founding of the PLO in Cairo by the KGB in 1961, through their Moscow educated and trained Makhmoud Abbas, who heads the PNA since his Egyptian historic PLO proxy Moukhammad Arafat Al-Qidwa died in 2004. Over the 30 years period of 1917 to 1947, the UK imported hundreds of thousands of Arabs in to the country in order to balance off the influx of Jews in to the country, thus most of the Arabs in the country, definitely the Muslim ones, were guest workers from the neighbouring countries and tribes.

 “Palestinian” identity is part of the Arab Waffen-SS alongside Hezbollah, Muslin-Brotherhood(e.g. Hamas) and Gladio-B (e.g. Al-Qaeda, ISIS).

 A younger relative of that Mufti lead the initial PNA’s foreign relations:

Faysal Al-Husseini in his Last Interview: The Oslo Accords Were a Trojan Horse; The Strategic Goal is the Liberation of Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea’ [Link].

Although by now an Arab is also nicked a ‘Palestinian’ i.f.f. s/he lives on the N.I.S. (New Israeli Shekel), this identity has been fomented in order to stir havoc in and about Israel, namely attempting to ‘finish the job’ with ‘the Jews’.

Interestingly enough, the Arab “Palestinian” propaganda focuses on Socialist motives when making Nationalist protests:

1. Delays during Commute to work.

2. Forced-Relocation

This intertwining of socialism with nationalism rings a bell about national socialism.

The Palestinian identity-politics conditions the world to the proposition of there having been a Palestine, rather not an Israel. The end game of this process would be the replacement of Israel with a NATO occupation force which public mission statement would be the protection of the holy sites and mixed cities e.g. Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa. For this reason the Illuminati make a tremendous push to inject Arabs in to Jewish towns and neighborhoods.

Exo-nationalism in the age Cyberspace

The ultimate sacrifice of the late Aaron Swartz [Link], the incarceration of Bradley Manning and the prolonged efforts of Julian Assange and of Edward Snowden, prove critically important in putting the feasibility test before the resurgence of Exo-nationalism in the 21st century. The leaking boat of US-lead Exo-nationalism Link] is going to meet its popular test at the coming Ukrainian elections and will some day also need to face elections in the PNA, in which it is bound to a prolonged all-Hamas era.

The battle for freedom is on at full throttle and the stakes are high.


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1.2 Epilogue:

 2. Link: Hamasopposes Holocaust studies at UNRWA

    “Hamas fumes; the UN wants to teach about the Holocaust in its Gaza UNRWA

    school! OKT12 The Refugee Affairs Department of Hamas denounced the teaching

    of the Holocaust as a “crime against the issue of the refugees that is aimed at

    canceling their right of return.” “

 3. Link: “Camp Jihad” by UNRWA

This is a production of the Israel Resource News Agency, David Bedein.

     Over the 66 years since the Arab nation lost the war it started against the Jews,

     its displaced population has grown up 10 folds, including external marriages
to about 15 Million people, out of them about a 3rd in UNRWA camps.

     If they all returned to the homes they lost on their own initiative, there will be
dozens of people in an average home and not enough resources in the land.
Of course nobody talks about repatriating the 1.5 million Jews
who escaped the Muslim countries and the millions of their descendants.

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