Decoding the lunar Tetrad prophecy: Blood Moon eclipse begins today



The series of lunar eclipses known as “Blood moons“, due to begin today in the eve of Passover, have already created an internet buzz over the alleged prophetic meaning of this phenomenon.

We have nothing in particular to say about the contemporary theological constructs surrounding this event, but from the perspective of the Electric universe paradigm and the theory of planetary catastrophism, all blood moon prophecies seem like direct descendants of classic doomsday themes which embody the memories of close encounters with planetary bodies during recent human history.

The blood red moon obviously echoes archaic memories of the red planet itself, namely Mars. Several thousand years ago, Mars was stationed beneath Venus and Saturn, directly above the Earth’s North pole. At one point Mars began a series of periodical descents to Earth, due to electromagnetic instabilities of the Earth-Mars system (see images below).

Mars begins its descent to Earth, circa 5000 BC











Mars in a close encounter with Earth, generating electric discharge and massive dust storms in the northern hemisphere











The catastrophic results of a planetary Earth-Mars encounter










The devastating consequences of these encounters gave rise to the notion that Mars will return some time in the future, even after the planetary configuration dissolved several thousand years ago and the planets moved to their present orbits. Hence end of times prophecies and doomsday scenarios, or messianic beliefs found virtually in every major religion. (See video below). 

In the context of Passover, it’s assumed that Either Mars or Venus (or both) were responsible for much of the details described in the biblical account of the Plagues, the pillar of fire and Mt. Sinai (literally: Saturn’s mountain), as first proposed by Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision (despite its flawed chronological time frame). The dagger or sword like plasma formation emanating from the Southern pole of Mars (Picture 1 above) during the close encounter went down in mytho-historical memories as the mighty sword of Ares in Greece, or simply the sword of god coming to punish humans for their sins in the bible. See for instance Isahiah 27:1  : “In that day, the LORD will punish with his sword – his fierce, great and powerful sword – Leviathan the gliding serpent, Leviathan the coiling serpent; he will slay the monster of the sea”.

The aforementioned monster Leviathan was a collosal interplanetary plasma discharge stretching between Mars and Venus during the aftermath of the collapsing planetary configuration.For a complete reconstruction of most planetary encounters and archaic myths worldwide, see the movie below.