Brzezinski Wants to Arm Ukraine and drag Russia into a Guerrilla Quagmire



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This recent excerpt from Brzezinski’s WSJ interview spills the beans on his true intentions for Ukraine, which by the way we’ve spotted right from the start. It’s reasonable to assume that Russia is aware of his arrogantly clear plans and therefore prefers to rely,for the time being,on the Russian militias in Eastern Ukraine instead of directly invading the country.


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What goal to pursue: The West should seek “an understanding that Ukraine is free to pursue its objective to become more European.” Under this understanding, Ukraine wouldn’t become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and full membership in the European Union would still be “some distance away,” as it has been for Turkey for years.

At the same time, though, Ukraine wouldn’t become a member of the Eurasian Union that Mr. Putin is trying to create around Russia’s borders. Instead, Ukraine would have an independent status much like the one Finland enjoys now: “Like Finland, it would have normal commercial relations with Russia while becoming an increasingly modern European democracy.”

To reach this goal, “we would probably have to put aside the resolution of the Crimean situation for the moment,” and over the longer run help Ukraine seek to reach “a condominium on Crimea”—some kind of joint control or ownership or oversight.

How to pressure Russia to accept this outcome: This “will only be appealing to the Russians if they realize that their use of force carries the risk of confrontation. Here I think it is important for the Ukrainians to recognize that they have to be willing to fight for what they want. And we have to be willing to make it clear that they will not be alone.”

That means offering Ukraine weaponry—defensive in nature, but suitable for urban warfare. “I would be willing to promise it to them now,” Mr. Brzezinski says, and then provide the weaponry depending on the circumstances that unfold. Among other things Ukrainians need, Mr. Brzezinski says, is help from the West to “re-create their army” and to be able to engage in protracted urban resistance.

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