SHOCKING: Al-Qaeda Operatives Inside The IRS



Editor’s Note…

Russell’s conviction for tipping off al-Qaeda operatives who were under surveillance obviously points to his career as a mole on behalf of the rogue globalist network that has infiltrated and subverted every corner of the executive branch of government. The globalists needed their al-Qaeda patsies to remain protected from the law so they could be put to use in false flag operations whenever the need arose. The recent globalization of the IRS requires al-Qaeda enforcers for the globalist tax collectors, then.


Western Journalism

Al-Qaeda spy and convicted felon Weiss Russell is currently working as a financial management analyst under the IRS Deputy Chief Financial Officer. As reported by Patrick Poole of PJ Media, Russell was convicted of spying for al-Qaeda operatives in 2008 for secretly accessing the FBI’s database to tip off al-Qaeda operatives who were under surveillance.

And this is rumored to be just the tip of the iceberg!

What is our Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, doing about al-Qaeda operatives infiltrating the IRS? Launching an investigation? Raiding IRS offices? Rounding up all the Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood operatives in his administration? None of the above. Obama has in fact welcomed Islamists into his administration with open arms.

Time to impeach Obama.


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