Leaked Turkish false flag leaves US Imperial ship leaking at off-sides



Editor’s Note…

Was this leaked by Turkish intelligence officers who have had enough of the odious Erdoghan regime and his Bull-in-a-China-Shop tactics? Is this the groundbreaking limited hangout operation that will mark the downfall of Obama’s policy in the Middle East?


Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger 

The devolution-point in US Imperialism 

The UK, EU & Turkey have just left the US administration at off-sides, having leaked its false-flags for being just that: The fake Syrian Chemical attack, the NGO massacre at Maidan square and the stage-planned Turkish 9/11 [Link] which could be nick-named ‘Shesh-Besh’ which means literally 5-6 in Farsi (Persian) and Checkers in English. The 5/6 terror attack was supposed to bring Turkey in a total war against Syria, whereby Turkey has the largest NATO land army in Europe. 

The spilled Turkish beans remind me of the EU leakage and admission about controlling the Maidan snipers. In both cases it looks like turning their coat on the USA, especially in a way which stings it about 9/11, Kosovo and Vietnam [Link].Why now turn the coat? – because the US had enough time to back its initiative with Muscle, which it didn’t, thus leaving the EU & Turkey alone at the front vs. Russia and Syria. 

Recently the Syrian regime achieved a principle turning point in it war to repel the NATO guerrilla aka ‘rebels’ at Yabroud [Link]. This followed the killing of the Chechen ‘Rebels’ leader Umarov [Link: Doku Umarov Is Finally Dead] by Russia, which backs Syria in all regards including its military presence with a large naval and military base in Tartus. 

The above wall-to-wall pattern of publicly disclosing NATO/US false-flagged war mongering is reminiscent of how the Ottoman empire lost the campaign for central Europe on the gates of Vienna, when Wallachian and Moldovan forces warned the Austrians of the coming Ottoman attack and loaded their own cannons with straw balls, in order not to impact upon the walls of the besieged Vienna [Link]. This time round, the late remnants of both those belligerents warn the world about the impending American attacks and refuse to partake in them. 


“There has been a sharp increase in external threats to the state,” he said. “The   lawful desire of the peoples of Crimea and eastern Ukrainian regions is causing hysteria in the United States and its allies.” [Link].Having secured Damascus, Beirut, Iran & Beirut, Russia goes on the offensive for the 2/3 encircled Don-Bass Russian speaking district. 

All the above suggests Russia is going to reclaim Ukraine while the west shall attempt to reclaim the former British domain of Iran, like we suspected 3 weeks ago [Link]. 

The problem with this western intention is two fold:

1. It is already the death spasms of NATO at the allegiance level.

2. The new head of the CIA John Brennan is claimed to have been Islamized by the Saudi
counter-intelligence [Link 1] [Link 2].

3. Iran is the sneakier party to this liars-poker game,thus is not likely to be compromised.

4. The UK has just surrendered its entire Christian cultural foundation, on which its democracy is built, to the Islamic Law aka Sharia, thus it is Eurabia having been swallowed by the Caliphate, rather not Iran to become a satellite of and occidental white-Christian EU: Islamic law to be enshrined in British law as solicitors get guidelines on ‘Sharia compliant’ wills. 

In this regard one must learn from the recent experience Israel has had with the Arabs having signed with them numerous peace agreements from 1979 to 1995, all are as good as carved on the ice, just like the Koran mandates and in lieu with the Islamic tradition [Link].

Egypt, Jordan, Fatah/PLO/PNA + a truce with Syria and Hezbollah in 2001: are all directly guaranteed by USA signatures and are all worthless since both Koran and the US constitution by their essential definitions render all foreign treaties null and void [Link]:

“American law is that international accords become part of the body of U.S. federal law.[1] Consequently, Congress can modify or repeal treaties by subsequent legislative action, even if this amounts to a violation of the treaty under international law. This was held, for instance, in the Head Money Cases. ”. 

In this regard Islam has shaped the USA following the Koran’s inherent disrespect of foreign treaties [Link], like Barack Hussein Obama said to the Turkish Parliament on 6 April 2009: “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.” [Link]. 

The Anglo-American orientation towards Iran[Link], which we have reported on May 2012 [Link] ,involves public loggerheads with Saudi-Arabia and the rest of the Sunny world likewise Israel [Link: President Prepares To Meet King As U.S.-Saudi Divisions Deepen]. 

Since NATO has become a docile Dhimmi of the Shiite Caliphate of Iran, it is not surprising that Russia ostensibly plans on taking the war to the Americas now: Russia with plans for military bases in Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela 

All the above follows in the steps of our March 2013 article about the Russoman Empire [Link].