Jones vs. Santilli: The wrestling shoot on the big fake patriot poker game



Editor’s Note…

An ugly storm appears to be brewing currently in the swampy little cesspool of the Libertard freak show that is “alternative media”, revolving around the recordings of [former?] Alex Jones associate Anthony Gucciardi trashing Jones in a conversation with some unknown person. (He has confirmed the authenticity of the recordings on his Facebook profile but claims they were done “Quite some time ago before I began working closely with Alex I was extremely misled, as many have been, and was secretly recorded in a closed meeting during a time where I was very wrong about the reality of the operation and many other things”).

This recording was published by Pete Santili from GMN, who has been accused of being an FBI operative by Susanne Posel of “Occupy Corporatism” – herself a certifiable cognitive infiltrator (most likely on behalf of the same FBI). We frame no hypothesis here regarding the above – not yet anyway…

Melisa Melton of Truth Stream Media (co-authored by former Infowars reporter Aaron Dykes) posted the following words on Facebook:”We went on the radio last night with Popeye and Joe Joseph, we come in around 1 hour 14 minutes. We addressed being drugged, having our house broken into and now being accused of secretly feeding recordings of Infowars’ Anthony Gucciardi to radio shows. WE are just trying to do our work. WE have not done anything to anyone. To be accused is outright LIES and DEFAMATION. We are being targeted and we’re not going to hide and continue to take it.”

Are you beginning to see the pattern emerging ? Are the feds orchestrating a spectacular cockfight here,as Cass Sunstein intended to begin with, in order to bring down that circus? Is the whole thing just the opening shot in Rand Paul’s primaries campaign, meant to distance him from the lunatic fan base of his Rockefeller spawned daddy? We’re in the realm of pure speculation here,but these things have a nasty tendency to blow up all over the place sooner or later.    

Let’s see what this semi – satirical piece from Dinosaur Media has to say on the matter…  


Dinosaur Media

In poker players generally receive 5 cards in 5 card draw. If your hand wont win the game you discard cards which are not working back into the pile in hopes of getting a better hand in the game. If your hand is already very good you can stand on your cards in and raise. A good hand may be 2 pairs or a full house or 4 of a kind.

Recently an article is making its ways around facebook from before its The article cryptically shoots on Alex Jones from a former infowars insider Guicardi in a typical WWF wrestling style. The video states that Alex. according to Guicardi is narcissistic and his reporters suck and cant write. All legitimate shoots on Infowars which reportedly has over 25 reporters and employees making over $13 an hour just to stand around. Guicardi says in the video posted on you tube and in the article:

In the past stories circulated in the patriot community of Guicardi as some sort of homeless person or vagrant taken in by Jones and perhaps he lived at Jones house or the Infowars production studio. Guicardi almost comes off as some kind of low life beater seeking to rise to the top of the turd bowl. The script reads like some kind of reality TV show. in fact almost as a form of psychological control mechanism.

Infowars released this article stating that reality shows were fixed. IN recent years there has been lawsuits based at reality TV shows that they are fixed by insiders. but infowars and the general public has glossed over the fact that people who work in TV and SAG actors are bypassed by the reality TV show mechanism. People who simply want to be on TV can do so for the possibility of winning a large prize and thus reducing the production costs of such TV shows. Guicardi mentions that Alex Jones cares nothing about anything but his own fame. rings true in the world of conspiracy theories that Alex Jones and several other prominent patriots are in fact possibly washed up actors working for the US marshals service to turn over real patriots in the US and subvert any sort of organic truth or patriot movement.