Flight 370: Plot thickens as media disinfo efforts intensify


MSM plays the “extremist pilot in a flight simulator” card. British tabloids push the good old “Al Qaeda shoe bomb” narrative. Iranian patsies sheep dipped through Qatar and China on route to Germany. Is it just us, or is anyone else having a 9/11 Déjà vu 

Predictably, there is still no sign of the missing plane, which begs for the question: why are all those super powers and regional powers allocating so many assets in a futile search for a mirage ? The plane was obviously landed in a remote location and hidden upon landing to render visual surveillance irrelevant. Is there a major diversion psyop going on right now? And what are they trying to divert from ?

The New York Times reported today that “A signaling system was disabled on the missing Malaysia Airlines jet before a pilot spoke to air traffic control without mentioning trouble”, and spins it as evidence for a foul play by the pilot. This was reinforced with colorful details about his alleged political preferences and a rather trivial flight simulator course he uploaded on Youtube. We are supposed to make now a subconscious connection to the official 9/11 narrative, but in reality there is no reason to fall in this trap. It’s more reasonable to assume the pilot was unaware of the signaling system being disabled precisely because it was disabled remotely by someone capable of cyberjacking the plane’s computer systems, as we have suggested right from the start.

The British tabloid ‘Daily mail online’ further distracted from the physical and technical evidence by rehashing the familiar “Al Qaeda shoe bomb plot” from a supposed “mastermind” (MI6 informer). This failed to make much of an impression as most people have lost interest in this kind of propaganda.

Yet another speculation was proposed by Debkafile today: the plane may have landed in an abandoned Soviet era air field or base somewhere in central Asia. Theoretically possible, but still doesn’t make much sense operationally.

Another ‘explosive’ theory has emerged recently: that the plane was hijacked in order to turn it into a gigantic flying suicide bombing operation possibly of the atomic, biological or chemical caliber, supposedly capable of reaching any major city in the world. We believe it makes little sense because of the enormous logistical and technical difficulties. This operation could have been carried out only by an entity commanding significant resources, be it a regional power, a super power or a multinational corporation capable of hiring the black-ops team.

Either way, this affair is far from over, the aforementioned disinfo efforts obviously point to something bigger going on behind the scenes, something radically different from all of the theories proposed so far. It took some years for 9/11 truth (or partial truth) to come out, so it remains to be seen how long will it be before we know further solid details about this recent black-op.

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