Erdoghan’s Mussolini delusion sets him on collision course with Putin



(Translated by the Editor)

Back in October 28, 1922, Fascist propaganda in Italy claimed that tens of thousands of fearless men , supporters of Benito Mussolini, marched to the capital city Rome, and took her by force . So 1922 was seen by the fascist propaganda machine as Year Zero , when 3,000 Italian men were killed in this parade on Rome ( Marcia su Roma ) , all for the revival of the glorious Roman Empire , destined to return and rule the world.

The truth was different. The state of Italy’s Fascist Party was so shaky, that Mussolini himself intended to escape from Italy,in case King Victor Emmanuel III declared martial law. But the king feared civil war, or worse – a communist revolution that will oust the monarchy. Therefore he did not declare martial law , and in October 28 he invited Mussolini to Rome. He preferred it over the left, although it was not a logical step : Mussolini’s Fascists won only 35 seats out of 535 in parliament in the general election .

On October 29, Mussolini was declared by the King as Prime Minister , and the next day about 30,000 men in black shirts came to town, as if it was a march on Rome. It happened after Mussolini came to power, not before.Four years later , Mussolini became the dictator of Italy, and thanks to the immense propaganda machine drive, he appeared as the savior of Italy. His biggest mistake was entering World War II. His propaganda machine invented Initially tremendous victories , but in the end it was impossible to hide even the defeat and the ignominious death of Mussolini himself . In April 1945, Mussolini and his mistress were shot by partisans, and their bodies were hung in disgrace on hooks in the center of Milan.

In the recent local elections in Turkey Erdogan presented a referendum on his leadership and support of future steps , and therefore left no choice to his supporters but to vote for him. According to final results, Erdogan’s party won 46 % of the votes compared with 38.8 % in the last local elections in 2009 .Indeed, Erdogan boasted yesterday at the Great victory : Despite allegations of corruption against his associates, his son and himself , he was not harmed. The secular party, the Republican People’s Party, won only by 27 % of the votes, a large gap despite all the spin arrests and interrogations. In this referendum – Erdogan prevailed , which supposedly now “clears him of corruption allegations.”

But basically the propaganda distributed by Erdogan anywhere, by any media organ subordinate to him and every election assembly, won: Turkey was facing international conspiracy to overthrow him , centered on rival lslamist residing in the United States, Fathollh Golan. The west envied the success of Turkey, and Jewish bankers govern the global economy. The style of fascist propaganda of hatred and defiance, claiming “Turkey is at grave danger” (reminiscent of the “Al-Aqsa Mosque is in danger” slogan of the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel) succeeded. Erdogan presented himself as the last barrier between Turkey and chaos. Security, stability and the country in general , are identical with him personally.

The elections have become a propaganda tool for Erdogan , battering and fraud. “Democracy” here is a means, not an end .

He always took pride in the Turkish economy , but as we saw in January, the credit bubble has burst all over this economy, and it now looks very flimsy, with a weak currency, interest rates raised hysterically, huge unemployment, and very difficult to recycle its short-term debt.Obviously an autocratic leader just scares foreign investors away.

This week was published the OECD report on Turkey, now a member in it. Among the 34 member countries , GDP per capita in Turkey is lower than that of Mexico. and Turkey household income lower at 55% of the average income in the organization, Turkey just before the end of health spending , the latest in insurance expenses. Public spending is the lowest , third worst rates in average income and poverty. A third of Turks reported that they can not buy enough food. So much for Erdogan’s success.

Here’s the trick: the Islamic party, compatible with the “Muslim Brotherhood”, has established a vast network of financial assistance to its consumers, so they will continue to vote for her, as indeed happened. A similar thing has been done in the United States: 50 million Americans receive food stamps, and so will continue to vote for Democrats no matter what happens. They are afraid of being deprived of the aid. The state does not interest them, but the vouchers they receive.

Nowhere in the world yet we have seen a “Muslim brotherhood” party removed in a free election. Installed always yes.: in Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, the Palestinian Authority, or Turkey. But never removed from power.

Erdogan is leaning on Islam, held dear to tens of millions in Turkey, and, in that sense this is a definite rule of political Islam , the Muslim Brotherhood style . Although his rival Gulen is also Islamic, the popularly is with Erdogan party, while Gulen is favored by the elite. Most Turks identify very much with The Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali, and not really woth the left, Lenin or secularism .

The main secular party , “Republican People’s Party ” ( CHP ) can not succeed because there is not enough appeal in national slogan or secular state with a populist majority in the center of the country. So this party won its outposts in usual Western cities, but not in Anatolia or Eastern and Southern Kurdistan. As in Syria, Iraq and the Arab world, crumbling nationalism  is not enough, when in contrast stand the temptations of Islam , and the state was itself an Islamic caliphate. A country where religion was the state, which controlled the Middle East by the grace of religion. Religion is the foundation of its lost grandeur.

Kemalist nationalism is no longer inspiring, there is no temptation, nor attraction. Moreover, the secular candidate Kamal Kilitz’droglo was not particularly charismatic. As a result, after the riots in Gezi park many secularists immigrate from Turkey to the west,in desperation. They understand that this country just goes backward all the time, and see no future.

The first step of Erdogan, who won the support of the secular dupes, was to purge the army, and throwing hundreds of officers to prison , including the chief of staff , on charges of intent to commit a military coup. It’s Now clear that it was a mock trial, and it will reopen, but the army got scared. As in Egypt , the army was the last hope of the secularists, and the Egyptian army has indeed carried out a coup this summer, while erasing the regime of  the “Muslim Brotherhood” and Mohammed Morsi, but because of the pressure the European Union and the United States, the Turkish army retreated, possibly by the hour. The assessment of the military is that Erdogan is too strong to overthrow without plunging the country to civil war. Had Abed al-Fattah al – Sissy waited for a few more years with his military coup in Egypt, perhaps it was no longer possible to carry out.

Turkey has become an autocratic regime, a single man reign of fear. Turkey is the country that has the most journalists in jail, and thousands of police officers were dismissed and dozens of judges and prosecutors were dismissed since the uncovering of a major corruption case on December 17. Such measures in a democracy are simply unthinkable, but in Turkey it goes unchallenged. Those who oppose are imprisoned. The Internet is an enemy, and information is already public enemy.

Erdogan’s Parliament in January passed a law banning medical assistance to protesters. The law threatens criminal indictment and civil suit against the doctors who give first aid in “emergency situations” without state approval : three years in prison or a fine of two million pounds, about 920,000 dollars. Each demonstration is answered with an iron fist and then by mass arrests and penalty .

Because he wants to imprison most Turks in a world of hallucinations, just like Mussolini, Erdogan ordered the ban of Twitter and Facebook in Turkey, although the courts oppose it. On election night there were “mysterious” power outages when they counted the votes (according to the opposition that’s how they rigged ballots in favor of the ruling party), computers were hacked, and threats were made.

You can not maintain a free economy , and Turkey has undergone privatization, with a regime of fear. Therefore many international companies retreat from their plans to establish a regional headquarters in Turkey. Nothing is safe with a leader living in imaginary world, surrounded by Yes-men. Damage to the claim that Turkey is a bridge between East and West is already strategic: Well , it is “east” proper.

Erdogan is on a collision course with Putin’s Russia, because Erdogan supports the Salafist Jihadist movements , and some of the Muslim minorities in Russia such as the Tatars , are of Turkish origin. Indeed , Turkey increases its involvement in Crimea in apparent concern for the Tatars and Turks living there. Turkey also goes against Assad , another potential collision course . When these two, Erdogan and Putin, seek to set empires at the expense of the American vacuum , their collision may occur sooner rather then later.

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