Crimea Countdown: Bank Runs Begin as Depositors Swarm Ukraine’s Largest Bank



Editor’s Note…

Putin aims at Ukraine’s banks?  It might be a stroke of genius of Putin’s, aiming at crashing the Ukrainian banks altogether, given their already strained balances. Crashing the Ukrainian banks just on time for declaring Crimea annexed to Russia, and for starting the ‘rescue’ of ethnic Russians in the Donbas region, is a superb financial shock tactic.

The Referendum’s length:  This tactic can easily explain the length of about 10 days, from declaration of referendum on 6 March till its implementation on 16 March 2017. That’s instead of using the existing voting infrastructure in Crimea on a far shorter timescale, which in turn would have saved some western lash-backs and would have admitted less deployment time for Blackwater’s mercenary death squads into the Ukraine.

Length for a Bank-run :The Referendum’s length allows for the reckoning of events – recent and coming,to form and to propagate around the wider circles of the population  until a bank run occurs. The nature of these events is of a regime change, thus of a currency change – in a most corrupt part of the world while also under a globalist civilian-war scenario which is likely to rob all deposits.


Silver Doctors

As the US & EU prepare to level economic sanctions on Russia over the Ukrainian crisis (& Russia threatens to retaliate with economic sanctions of its own against the dollar and freezing all US assets) a bank run appears to have begun in Crimea as citizens lined up Thursday to withdraw funds from Ukraine’s largest bank, Oshad.

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