Case NOT Closed: Flight 370 cover up begins



The Malaysian authorities have claimed today that Flight 370 crashed 2000 miles of the coast of Australia in the South Indian Ocean. This is not based on any physical evidence of flight wreckage, but on a supposedly new analysis of the satellite-operator’s original data, relying on minute changes in the frequency of the electronic “pings”—or attempts to link up with satellites—received from the plane during its more than six-hour flight after dropping off radar.

These alleged retro-calculations, assuming they are for real and not just made up, are of unknown reliability. The satellite communications company Inmarsat who provided the data is a British mega-contractor with well established links to the US government (as well as other governments) for both military and civilian applications.

Is this part of the cover-up? It’s not clear why it took them 17 days to come up with this “new kind” of retro-calculations, but in any case it surfaces merely days after CIA related sources attempted to aggressively push the notion that the plane was hijacked to Pakistan – one of the oldest tricks in the disinfo book. All parties involved in searches in the South Indian Ocean (Australia, Malaysia and China) refused to comment on any further details regarding their own theories of what happened to the flight, how it was taken off its original flight path and what happened to the passengers and crew.

Unless the black box is recovered and the search teams come up with substantial physical evidence in the near future, the whole spectacle today would go down as yet another distraction, this time with the clear intention of attempting to “close the case” without providing any meaningful physical evidence . The assumptions relied upon by the authorities have not been proven yet.

According to claims by a Malaysian whitleblower a week ago, the Malaysian government knew right from the start that the plane approved altitude of 45,000ft and took a sharp turn to the west before descending unevenly to 23,000ft on the approach to the island of Penang. The plane then climbed back to 35,000ft and headed northwest towards the Indian Ocean, with the final reading showing it above the tiny island of Pulau Perak in the Strait of Malacca at around 2.40am. Though they had known this all along, Malaysian authorities did not reveal this crucial information until March 15, a week after the plane’s disappearance, the official said. It also meant that Malaysia knew from the beginning that the plane — if it had crashed — was likely in the Strait of Malacca region on the west side of the country as opposed to the South China Sea on the east side, where dozens of ships and aircraft from other countries searched pointlessly for days.

So clearly the Malaysians were very interested in recovering the plane before anyone else did (for some mysterious reason) , and had no problem sending the rest of the search teams to chase the wind in the South China sea. There have been other distraction efforts and “spotted debris” leading everyone to blind allies ever since the flight disappeared. More then one government appears to have tried to disrupt the investigation and buy enough time for the plane to terminally disappear. In any case, if it indeed flew all the way to  the South Indian Ocean until it ran out of fuel and simply crashed, it could only have happened because it was Cyberjacked remotely and programmed to fly this way.

This has been out thesis on the case since day one.

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