BREAKING: US Sixth Fleet moves toward Crimea, NATO troops land in Western Ukraine


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Remember those US warships who were so eager to “protect the Sochi Olympics” ? According to Russian sources they have now been detected moving in the black sea towards Crimea (according to their motion vector). As Russia rapidly completes its takeover on the Crimean peninsula, those ships will be able to survey the situation and gather intelligence for the Pentagon. Simultaneously, NATO troops have arrived at the Lviv region in western Ukraine, possibly in expectation for a Russian backed military coup against the NATO installed puppet regime in Kiev. It remains to be seen to whom the Ukrainian army itself is loyal to – Russia or NATO (it is known, however, to be based on Russian military hardware and tactics). If it decides to declare an emergency situation and martial law in order to neutralize the new regime and sweep the Svoboda Nazi gangs (who have just threatened to “resume Ukraine’s nuclear status” vs. Russia) out of the way, NATO could be facing a major strategic defeat, at least in eastern Ukraine. Either way, the prospects of WWIII have just increased by a considerable margin.


(Translated from Russian by Google translate)

NATO troops landed in Lviv region

Hundreds of NATO troops located in western Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the Public Chamber of Russia held a hearing on the situation in Ukraine. The event was attended by well-known Russian, Ukrainian experts, government representatives. Bombshell information caused people’s deputy of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev. According to him, began to disembark in Lviv … NATO soldiers. “In March, planned exercise line” Ukraine-Atlantic alliance. ” Until the spring is still far, but hundreds of Western troops have already started landing in Lviv. They say you should prepare for the exercises. There is information that Ukraine moved to the shores of the U.S. Navy warships. The situation is critical … ”

The event was organized in the OP RF spoke Russian Public Council for International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy, Inter-Commission working group on international cooperation and public diplomacy. I must say that a week ago in Kiev trilateral meeting between the leadership of the Public Chamber, the National Tripartite Social and Economic Council of Ukraine, the European Economic and Social Committee.

After entry videoconferencing took the floor director of the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict Studies Mikhail Pogrebinsky. According to him, the situation in Ukraine is not reminiscent of the best theatrical performance: “I was particularly surprised when I learned that the leaders of our law enforcement agencies conduct peace talks in Kiev with the leadership of the” Right sector. ” This is nonsense! Ultra playing a major role, began to actively speak to the media. Very active on Independence those who in Russia is called “foreign agents” – representatives of humanitarian intelligentsia who receive Western grants. There are not many, but they’re very vociferous, noticeable. When this response civil lifting was observed. Explain it simply – the power of recent years has neglected any informal civic activity, even the pro-government. ”

Chairman of the Russian Public Council for International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy Sergei Ordzhonikidze said that the daily cost of Ukrainian Maidan on peak days reached 80 million dollars. “It is clear that it can only be a large-scale foreign aid. In the protests in Ukraine involved only 4% of the population. So to say that “the people rose up” is not necessary. ”

State Duma deputy director of the Institute of CIS countries Konstantin Zatulin noted that Ukrainian authorities erosion continues. “Under the threat of monolithic Party of Regions faction in the Verkhovna Rada. Deputies from groups Firtash and Victor Pinchuk ready to go out of control – said the expert. – At the same parliamentarians Rinat Akhmetov, despite persistent rumors remain loyal. ” Zatulin sees no future unified Ukraine: “Weak way out – federalization. If this does not happen, in all growth will be a question about the split of Ukraine. Yanukovych in any case will not be able to become president of the country in its current form. It can be the head of the south, east, perhaps Kiev. However, the president is only stalling for time and trying to restore the status quo – that is counterproductive to act for themselves. ”

Verkhovna Rada MP from the Party of Regions Oleg Tsarev video conference said this week at the Independence expected provocation. They need to constantly warm interest in Ukrainian events. At this time, the MP believes they will have a double effect – smazhut opening of the Sochi Olympics.

In addition, according to Tsarev Lviv began landing of American soldiers. “In March, must undergo exercises with NATO. Contingent of troops on the documents is limited – must arrive before 1000. They already fly on airplanes. Served all that you need time to prepare for the exercise. ” It is known that in the Black Sea water entered amerikaknskih two warships – missile destroyer USS Ramage (DDG-61) and the flagship of the U.S. Sixth Fleet Mount Whitney. Aboard American ships are more than 600 U.S. “sea lions.”Motion vector of American ships suggests that they go to the Black Sea shores of Ukraine. “All this makes the situation in the country is extremely tense,” – noted Oleg Tsarev.

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