World Bank to Prepare Billion Dollar Map of Africa’s Natural Resources


Editor’s Note…

Setting the stage for more “humanitarian campaigns” on the Libya\Mali model, the globalist cabal of the world bank is studying and mapping the mineral assets to be looted by its mercenary NATO forces in Africa. The west believes this is one of the few viable options to keep its head above the water during the prolonged financial meltdown of western monetary systems, assuming it will be able to wrestle everything out of the competitor’s hands, namely those of China – the largest foreign investor in Africa. 


Business Standard

The World Bank plans to launch in July a $1 billion plan to map Africa’s natural resources with the aim of delineating more clearly the continent’s uncovered mineral wealth.

The project, dubbed the Billion Dollar Map, “will unlock the true worth of Africa’s mineral endowment,” Tom Butler, mining specialist at the Bank’s private finance arm, the International Finance Corp, said yesterday.

Speaking in Cape Town, South Africa, Butler said most of Africa’s subsoil resources have not been surveyed.

Doing so, in a public way, would be useful to policy makers, investors and the public, helping to boost development, he said, according to prepared remarks.

“There is yet an enormous amount of wealth left to discover,” he said.

“Coupled with in-country training and institutional support, and the work of exploration companies, this initiative will unlock the true worth of Africa’s mineral endowment.”

The World Bank , which calls accessible data on resources a “public good”, said it has already invested over $200 million in developing geological data for Africa over the past 10 years.

Currently, it is supporting a comprehensive airborne geological survey of the entire country of Malawi.