Why are U.S. warships and aircraft so eager to “protect the Olympics in Sochi”?


Editor’s Note…

The CIA sponsored terror threat on the Sochi games turns out to be yet another instance of their classic Problem-Reaction-Solution mode of operation, this time in order to get the US navy in the black sea through the back door. Is anyone surprised?



(Translated from Russian by Google translate)

International assistance in building security and counter terrorism – is, of course, great. Such aid Russia in the modern world, there are many other states, is not exactly hurt. But here, as they say, a knife cut and vague doubts about such assistance at the time of the Olympic Games in Sochi, the Pentagon proposed, to put it mildly, alarming. Honestly, not worrying help yourself and what it is proposed to the U.S. military and offers right now … Well, guards, and that’s it … What is it? And it is that two American warships from February 7 to March 16, 2014 (the time of the Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi with a short break between the two events) will be in the Black Sea. For what? This question is answered spokesman John Kirby of the U.S. Navy:

In addition to placing the U.S. Navy warships in the Black Sea are going to place on the U.S. military airfields in Germany “additional aviaborty.”According to the same Mr. Kirby, and warships and planes may be used only after “consultations with the Russian government,” and, if necessary, evacuation of American athletes, coaches and fans of the Olympic Sochi.

While Kirby added that the flight time of those “extra aviabortov” U.S. Air Force in Germany is about 2 hours – say, certainly our Braves have time … In general, Rear Admiral us all, you know, on the shelves, spread out, and we concern, so disturbing … Well, same fraternal assistance to evacuate “their own” – from what then all our experiences on this?

Yes, just recently it happened that if anywhere the American military “aid” comes, in this region processes begin to appear irreversible. A “help”, as we all well know, can come under any pretext: the need to support the evacuation of citizens (distribution) of democracy in a single territory. In addition, U.S. assistance can come even when the United States on this or do no requests or ask to put it mildly, very specific group of persons of a suspicious nature, seeking to sit in power. So, let us examine which of the same situation may occur around the Olympics in Sochi on themselves or the Olympics in 2014 to the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force began to “help” Russia.

Given that the Russian Black Sea is, for a moment, its own fleet (Sea) and a lot of air bases in the South and North Caucasus Federal District, the need to use it “international” naval and air forces in the region should occur scale alien invasion, not otherwise … Strange also that the Pentagon did not announce that the U.S. Navy will cover the Sochi sea because of the potential threat posed by “al-Qaeda fleet” or the threat posed by “North Korean missiles with nuclear stuffing” … And that Kim Jong Eun as “Vdara”, you know, to Adler … By the way, why for a hypothetical evacuation of American athletes, delegates and fans will be used warships?Why not use this for normal civil airliners? And why do you need to be sure to apply the German military airfields to accommodate the “extra” U.S. Air Force aircraft? To take on board people, and later bombed, or what? .. Americans using the proposed logic, then any country participating in the Olympics, should be sent to the Black Sea to its fleet, if she had it, of course. Lined hundred or warships along the coast and will be expected when there is need to evacuate their athletes …

In general, a lot of issues, and these issues can arise even more, given that the proposal “fraternal assistance” came from the American side is in when Ukraine began to play out the dramatic events. Hopefully, this is pure coincidence, and that the U.S. “partners” really determined to provide assistance to Russia in building quality security system at the Olympic Games in Sochi. But with confidence to overseas partners lately, frankly, not the glory of God … So, U.S. warships are going to stay in the Black Sea. Here you and Sochi, then you and the Crimea, Odessa and here you …

In general, the situation is that it is possible, having covered the words of a possible Russian assistance, to expand its activities in the Ukrainian direction. A work may be that what it was in his time in Yugoslavia, Libya and what it is today with regard to Syria. Can take place, “festive” (dedicated to the opening Olympics and “world peace”) visit to one of the Ukrainian ports. The port transmission can occur “gifts” certain Ukrainian side. What kind of gifts? Well, maybe, and those by which in the 90s torn Balkans, 2011 – Libya today – Syria. course, we can say that the Crimeans Odessites or simply not allow the discharge of weapons in their ports. In this, of course, would like to believe, but there are black sheep in every flock – this time, and the possibility of provocation by “maydanutyh” or the Americans for the smooth administration of its mission in the Ukrainian ports can not be excluded – that’s two. And when you consider that might work and “one” and “two”, the script with Ukrainian weapons “opposition” today does not look so much conspiracy.

Fighters who began their journey from the port of Benghazi, “warmed” weapons that way. Syrian extremists also not get the wrappers weapons … And turmoil in Yugoslavia, too, was adopted through the “revolutionaries” with the active use of the Adriatic ports. ‘s not forget that the situation with terrorist activity in the world was no better nor in 2002 (Olympics in Salt Lake City) or in 2008 (Beijing), or 2010 (Games in Vancouver), nor during the London Olympics. However, in 2002 x 2010 and 2012, Russian warships reason not patrolled the Gulf of Mexico, North Pacific Ocean near Inglish Bay and the English Channel, respectively.Russian military assistance in protecting the Olympics have not been asked, and Russia, honestly admit such assistance is not particularly offering.In 2008, U.S. warships and aircraft patrolling the no Bohai Bay, as the Chinese Olympic officials themselves perfectly prepared and coped with the conduct of the sports festival – without a military presence of the United States … And then suddenly it turned out that without the U.S. Air Force and Navy over the Sochi Games looms threat … How come?

Or is it also a kind of hint that do not give an opportunity to the ships the Navy United States enter into the Black Sea – the Olympics do not guarantee safety. But for what are now so eager to attend Washington in the Black Sea waters? Well, certainly not to catch pilchards … Apparently, there are gentlemen who are today in Ukraine that such a “friendly” visit oh expected. Who expects? As an example, Mr. Gritsenko, who has recently called on all people who have a home in the arsenal of firearms, go to support the Maidan. Incidentally, the name Gritsenko surfaced in this context is not accidental. Anatoly Stepanovich, being in the chair Minister of Defense of Ukraine “orange” government, in 2006, Ukraine and the world flooded by the fact that the USS «Advantage» delivered to the port of Feodosia building materials for upgrading one of the military installations in the Crimea.

Then the same Gritsenko was forced to admit that the “wrong” – the ship unloaded weapon in Feodosia. Do not unload another batch of “materials” American ships in 2014? In this regard, the Russian leadership is worth more attention to the Pentagon’s proposals “help”, abandoning her only in a polite manner and referring to the fact that the hum of motors American military courts may be frightened by the Black Sea dolphins – and ecology for us first of all …