Proof: Rand Paul Is Controlled Opposition



Editor’s Note…

This brave and damming exposure of Rand Paul reiterates our own exposure of the Paul scam which we started publishing in early 2012. Each and Every so called “alternative media venue” that has pushed the Paul ticket on their gullible readers, was in fact shilling for the establishment, either knowingly or merely as useful  idiots. That includes popular Libertard websites like Intellihub, Activist Post, 21st Century wire, and of course the PrisonPlanet – Infowars complex. Since Truthstream media (who scooped this recent exposure) is owned by former Infowars employees, they should be commended for brave and honest investigative journalism – something we can’t say about their former bosses. For background on the subject, see our earlier analyses of the Paul scam and the Libertard “alternative media” scam:


Truth Stream Media

Rand Paul’s quiet backing to the tune of millions by Machiavellian operative Karl Rove and his public association with George P. Bush and other establishment GOP figures make it all too clear that the grassroots liberty movement generated to support Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns was just fodder for the co-opted rise of Rand Paul.

The Atlantic, who in January 2014 dubbed Paul the GOP frontrunner, explained the advantage for borrowing from his father’s network of support:

Since 1980, George W. Bush is the only first-timer to win a Republican nomination. And since Bush used the political network his father built, he enjoyed many of the benefits of someone who had run before. It’s the same with Paul. In both Iowa and New Hampshire, he begins with an unparalleled infrastructure left over from his father Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

Under this emerging vision of the GOP future, tea party supporters and those who’ve rejected the two-party system are just another demographic to pander to and usher into the voting booths alongside Hispanics, women and the Religious Right.

Consider the fact that much of the grassroots support for Ron Paul, arguably the true founders of the modern Tea Party, were opposed to the domination of the GOP establishment, the two-party structure and, in particular, to post-9/11 efforts to undermine the Constitution and Bill of Rights via the PATRIOT Act, et al.

Now, Rand Paul, the son of Ron Paul and frequent defender of the Constitution in his rhetoric, has forged a political relationship with George P. Bush, a rising political figure and the nephew of the George W. Bush, who has done so much to destroy those founding documents and to weaken many individual rights in the name of State power and the War on Terror. How is that supposed to sit well with supporters and defenders of the Constitution?

Think about it before you jump on the Randwagon…



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