PLO leader unmasked as western puppet : seeks NATO force in future “Palestine”


Abbas seeks NATO force in future Palestine

Editor’s Note…

While most international radars are currently aimed at the NATO backed Fascist coup attempt in the Ukraine, another example of this methodology has just been exposed during Skull & Bones henchman John Kerry‘s forced and futile “peace talks” between the Israelis and the US-EU sponsored PLO regime: the regime’s leader Mahmoud Abbas has once again shown his true colors as a globalist puppet by publicly suggesting NATO should be the “peace keeping” force within the Palestinian state. Only a short while ago he was reported to have signed several secret pacts with the Russians regarding natural gas and  tax fees , even though such pacts violate the existing agreements with the Israelis and even though the PLO autonomy remains part and parcel of the Israeli currency block, so it seems like Abbas and his clique are trying to play both side of the globalist chessboard. They can do this as long as they continue to prostitute themselves for the global powers that be as expendable pawns and useful assets for foreign interventionism under the guise of “peace” , “human rights” (a la the Libyan intervention) and “self determination” (a la Czechoslovakia 1938). 



Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he proposed to Secretary of State John Kerry a U.S.-led NATO force patrol a future Palestinian state indefinitely.

The proposed independent Palestine alongside Israel would have no army of its own, only a police force, Assad told the New York Times. So the NATO forces would be in charge of ending weapons smuggling and quashing terrorism, major Israeli concerns, he said.

The NATO troops could stay in the West Bank “for a long time, and wherever they want, not only on the eastern borders, but also on the western borders, everywhere,” Abbas said.

“The third party can stay. They can stay to reassure the Israelis, and to protect us,” he said.

“We will be demilitarized. Do you think we have any illusion that we can have any security if the Israelis do not feel they have security?”

In an interview about the struggling Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Abbas also said Israeli soldiers could remain in the West Bank for up to five years — not the three years he earlier proposed — and said he envisioned Israeli settlements being phased out of the new Palestinian state during those five years.

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declined to respond directly to Abbas’ NATO proposal.

“Our attitude toward international forces is skeptical in the extreme,” a senior Israeli official told the newspaper.

Netanyahu has often said Israel would rely on its own military and no other.