On the way to the “First Ukrainian war” (On the prospects of “Little Russia”)


On the way to the "First Ukrainian war."  On the prospects of Little Russia

Editor’s Note…

The Ukrainian crisis keeps escalating as the Russians appear to have retaliated against NATO’s Nazi coup in Kiev by orchestrating their own counter coup in Crimea. Pro-Russian “gunmen” (Spetznaz in disguise or merely local agents of Moscow?) have occupied the Crimean Parliament during the morning hours, prompting the parliament to announce a referendum on “improving the status of autonomy and expanding its powers” – a direct euphemism for secession. The Russians have Responded to US Warning by expanding thier Military Presence Worldwide, including by docking one of their spy ships in Cuba not far from Florida shores.

As Russian warplanes are on high alert near Ukraine, and Kiev itself deploys security forces nearby, we present here a very extensive and detailed report from the Russian military magazine topwar on the crisis. We think it’s important to understand the Russian opinion on the situation, and understand the Russian thinking on the historical background of Russia-Ukraine relations in order to have a better comprehension of their motives in the ongoing crisis, rather then just relying on what western writers have to say. 

Anyway, as a preliminary reading, check out our previous reports on the crisis:



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With the support of a “fifth column”,the west successfully performed the capture of Kiev. The current Ukrainian “elite” in the face of Tymoshenko, Klitschko Yatsenyuk Tyagniboka, Turchinov Avakov neo-banderites and evil – is frank proteges West New Gauleiters and policemen in the occupied part of the Russian civilization (Great Russian). If the former leaders of Kiev – Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko and Yanukovych – have pretended that led “independent state”, now all the masks dropped. Hosts Western project has successfully implemented four stages to destroy one of the ethnic cores superethnos Russ – Little Russia ( Southwestern Rus).

At the first stage – from the moment the Polish occupation when Southwest Rus fell into the sphere of influence of the Vatican, and the process to create a matrix “Ukrainian identity.” The main work carried Vatican, Poland and Austria-Hungary. “Ukrainians” in this period was small, but the main thing was – created a small minority of drive. “Virus”, which hit a huge healthy body. During the second stage the hidden enemies of Great Russia, “internationalist Trotskyists” like Khrushchev, legalized “Ukraine”, not only creating a Ukrainian SSR, but also generously cut into its constituent lands, which were not part South-West of Russia: New Russia, Crimea, etc. This was a process of actively nurturing Ukrainian intelligentsia language.

In the third stage, in 1991, Russian indigenous lands inhabited by our direct ancestors from time immemorial, since the Great Scythia ( Great Scythia and superethnos Russ ) and dominance of the Aryans in Northern Eurasia, were cut off from Russia by creating artificial and ephemeral state “Ukraine . ” As a result, Russian hero-cities (Kiev, Odessa, Sevastopol, Kerch), and others, our cherished symbols of the great history of Russia, Russia (Chernihiv, Poltava, Kharkiv, etc.) were found in the “independent state.” Now is the time darkness, full of information and ideological domination of our enemies. More than twenty years was an active process of de-Sovietization and de-Russification while looting the Soviet legacy.As a result, entire generations have been brought up Russ, who sincerely believe themselves “Ukrainians.” Just before our eyes hosts West had another operation.

Power now shifted to enemies of Russian civilization and superethnos Russ. Came the fourth stage. All masks dropped.Anglo-Saxon branch of the Western project committed itself to creating a neo Ukraine Russophobic public education, whose main objective will be a war with Russia and the Russian people on all fronts (on the ideological front inspired to participate in various conflicts within the Russian Federation).

German-Romanesque western branch of the project for a softer version of the absorption of Ukraine, but it loses London and Washington. Suffice it to say that Germany still does not have full sovereignty and occupied by the Americans. With this neo-Nazi authorities Ukraine will be cleared from the remnants of the Russian language and culture, will be completed at the same time de-Sovietization of public education. Symbols of a new stage in the history of Little Russia – is the destruction of monuments to Lenin, the Soviet soldier-liberator and Kutuzov.

What will happen next? Look what happened in the Baltic States and Georgia. Only the scale will be different. Russian, who do not want to become “Ukrainians”, will actively displace in Russia (“suitcase – Station – Moscow”). Their remains will turn into people “second class” … Perhaps with the active development of neo-Nazism, we once again see elements Hitler’s Reich – Russian will be an outcast minority, which is banned from holding public posts, relocated to the ghetto, etc. While neo-banderism – is the most powerful force Ukraine. They have an ideology that is willing to fight, kill and die for an idea, and it’s power.

Their temporary allies of Ukrainian “elite” liberals and oligarchy have no ideology. The cult of the “golden calf” can not resist a big idea. Besides neo-banderism – a military structure. As you know, during the revolutionary turmoil “rifle power grows.” Supporters Klitschko Tymoshenko, Ukrainian oligarchs are not able to resist the neo-Nazi militants. Following the example of all revolutions is known that the power take those who have an ideology, program, political will and military force. neo-banderism have it all. Moreover, they have 20 years to prepare for war. They have fought against us during the first Chechen campaign. But now it is not a small group, and the whole army, which for many years was prepared to fight the “imperial Moscow.” In fact, the leader of the “right sector” Dmitry Jaros – this is the most real political leader of the neo-Nazi future of Ukraine. neo-banderism not given to representatives of the liberal and moderate nationalist “elites” to negotiate with Yanukovych. Obviously, Klitschko Yatsenyuk and their ilk were ready to negotiate with Yanukovych. neo-banderites but have not given them to do so.

They stormed the government. Under pressure from the “international community” Yanukovych passed “Berkut”, Kiev and power. Go the way Milosevic, Gaddafi and Assad he could not. Not the type of person. Rab “golden calf”, as well showed incriminating footage from his residence “Mezhyhiria.” Compared to other Ukrainian political figures Yarosh – a real leader, having ideals. All the rest – are political puppets parsley. Now the situation is reminiscent of 1917 – Provisional Government (Parliament) and the radicals (neo-banderites). Ukraine formed a classic dual power – quickly losing power and influence parliament, the central authorities and the radical Nazis.

Thus there is a falling margins.Crimea and South East as a whole against neo-banderite and puppets of the West. While it has no clear resistance structures. Local officials and oligarchs willing to “negotiate” with Kiev, that is to pass the Russian population. The first attempts to “merge” is already there, but it is the righteous anger of the people and the resistance increases. Given that Ukraine faces an economic and social disaster default when the source of the survival of most of the population will be a vegetable garden, a liberal-nationalist government can not do anything. As for objective reasons (money no one will, and if they will, then bit and stolen), and because of lack of personnel. Virtually all current frames – this thieves, corrupt, talkers, nothing smyslyaschie management amateurs like Klitschko.

Therefore, the growth of radical sentiments provided. Yarosh and other neo-Nazis will be easy to direct popular discontent against internal enemies, first “enemies Maidan” (repression has already begun), then liberals too moderate nationalists and oligarchs. Possible nationalization. neo-banderism– is frank enemies Russian civilization, the Russian people, “fighting zombies”, ready to fill with blood all around for the sake of his ideals. Their rise to power – the discovery of “Ukrainian Front” beginning “of the First Ukrainian war.” As has been said before, Russia and the Russian people as a great beast.

On the southern strategic direction kindled fire – a huge area, from Central and Northern Africa to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Begin soon, “Central Asian Spring”.Corrupt and weak Central Asian regimes do not survive the attack coordinated local liberals, nationalists, who want to get rid of the remnants of the “Soviet” and “Russian-ness” and Islamists. Joining them and the masses dissatisfied bunch of socio-economic problems. “The Afghan factor” adds problems. Caucasus also under attack. Karabakh has already prepared for war, good provocation – and the South Caucasus flared. Situation in the North Caucasus, too heavy. The North Caucasus region with its neglect of the problem – this is another “mine” under Russian.

Simultaneously, we got “Ukrainian front.” West took a red herring – the Olympics, and created on our south-western borders to grow rapidly funnel chaos. The moment was very well chosen. All attention and energy was focused on the Moscow Olympics. Russia conducted a world-class event and could not lose face. Interfere in the “February Revolution” in Ukraine Moscow did not. Intervention violated the ancient Olympic principle of non-wars during the Games. Besides Russia in recent years, repeating the mistakes of the Russian Empire. Unlike in the West, which easily breaks all formal arrangements (for example, the West, “thrown” Yanukovych), Moscow adheres to the concept of legitimacy. Like, events in Kiev – Ukrainian authorities internal affair, and we do not interfere. As a result, the West quietly made ​​in Kiev everything I wanted. I remember the Russian Empire during the reign of Alexander I and Nicholas I acted in a similar manner, supporting the principle of legitimacy in Europe. So save the Austrian empire – rather than to dismember it and create a new Slavic state under Russian protectorate.

The result was tragic: Eastern (Crimean) war against Russia where made ​​by the then “world community.” West created for Russia a “plug” (trap). If Russia intervenes in the affairs of Ukraine – bad. Does not interfere – even worse. Intervene in Ukrainian affairs – is causing an explosion of hatred Ukrainians, who consider themselves a separate nation, and Ukraine – “independent state.” neo-banderites consolidate “enemy image” in the minds of Ukrainians. For the world community will be the personification of Russia Mordor. Already, a significant portion of the world’s media has accused Russia of Ukrainian events. This fits perfectly into the plans for the final destruction of Russian civilization. Russia accused of all sins, of aggression. The West has long been a way of creating “infernal Russia”, “Russian orcs,” “Russian Mordor.”

Interference in the affairs of Ukraine, even the softest used for large-scale information campaign Russophobian. West is prepared to confront all along the West – East. Washington has already emboldened to such an extent that warned Russia against military intervention in the affairs of Ukraine. National Security Advisor to the U.S. Susan Rice called “a serious mistake” possible military intervention in the affairs of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. February 26, NATO announced its intention to “maintain the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and the inviolability of the borders of Ukraine.” This was stated in a statement of defense ministers of the alliance.

Thus, NATO officially supported Ukrainian Nazis. However, the Georgian example, and other historical examples (remember Poland in 1939 and the “phony war” waged by France and England), we know that the West would never fight for their puppets. London and Washington like to use the “cannon fodder” in the wars. Have prepared such a role “Ukrainians” who want to push a Russian in the fratricidal war. Under harsh actions of Russia, which will defend its national interests, will be limited hysteria. Generally you should not listen to what they say in Warsaw, Berlin, Brussels, London and Washington. They will try to “swing” the problem until their puppets will be “cleaned” Ukraine. But Ukraine has become a battlefield is not the fault of Russia. West started the process of “reset” is not Arabic, and Russian world, now humbly waiting for their turn to be slaughtered. In essence, this civilizational defeat and coming Russian withdrawal from the world stage, which will become more ethnic material for successful global projects.

At the same internal problems of the modern world are huge Russian. A system errors, failures, theft and degradation frames modern Russian “elite” greatly undermined the internal stability of Russia. The apparent stability and strength of the current government does not mean anything. Just remember that the Mubarak regime in Egypt, Gaddafi in Libya and Saleh in Yemen were very strict and completely (as they thought) control of the situation in their countries. However, this did not save them. Skillful external influence that is superimposed on the internal system problems, leads to a powerful social explosion. Stability and did not save the Assad regime. He has been kept, with the support of Iran, Russia and China, but the country is in ruins. Syria turned into a battlefield. Failure to maintain the population of Ukraine and Russian resistance to the south-eastern regions and pro-Western course neo-banderite Kiev show compliance Moscow “international community.”

Next hunt will have more big game – Russia. hostile Russian people neo-Nazi regime captures all Ruthenia, get all the demographic and economic resources.Obviously, neo-banderite create extremely hostile Russian public education. Example of Georgia suggests that aggression and war will soon become inevitable. There was a threat of “First Ukrainian war.” Moreover, taking into account the human and economic resources, high efficiency for “ukrainian” Russ (as opposed to “timid Georgians”), the war will be severe. Confrontation in Ukrainian, Caucasian and Central Asian areas and inner turmoil destroy the Russian Federation. Moscow twenty years did nothing to preserve its influence in Ukraine. The result – sad. Huge masses of people simply “zombified”, in fact, dream of becoming “evrorabami.”

While this can not do anything. Apparently, Western Ukraine must pass a sad way of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the countries of the former socialist bloc. Get the full experience of economic disruption, neglect by Berlin and Brussels, the provisions of “third-rate” Europeans (“Class II” – Balts, Romanians, Poles, Bulgarians, Greeks and others). To live under the rule of neo-Nazis … What can Russia? Likely to issue Russian passports en masse, to introduce the so-called. “Russian card” that will allow any Russian overseas, “russkokulturnomu” to come to Russia to receive a residence permit, to become a citizen of an accelerated procedure. With further degradation of the economy in the west of Ukraine, Russian reprisals against it will give an opportunity to help people and to replenish the population of the Russian Federation, thus solving demographic problems.

Prospects Crimea and Southeast. Surrender or resistance With areas of Ukraine, more or less to preserve the Soviet and Russian cultural values, it’s simple. Or they shall be at the mercy of neo-banderites or neoliberals (which, in fact, also conduct genocide of the population, but through the socio-economic sphere), but then – woe to the vanquished. After the surrender complain of destiny does not make sense. Remember the fate of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, look at the ruins of Libya and Iraq.

Should be said that the local authorities in the South East for the most part “merge”. Dobkin has resigned from his post as governor of the Kharkiv region and plans to run for president of Ukraine, that is not going to confront rampant neo-banderism. Kharkiv Mayor Kernes tried to remove the flag of the Russian Federation raised pickets in front of the Kharkiv city council. According to him, “Kharkiv – part of Ukraine, there will only hang the flag of Ukraine.” Similarly there are other local officials. Actually we see how the division of interests of the local “elite” and the people.Representatives of local authorities, tied to large and medium businesses do not want to lose revenue sources. Confrontation with neo-Nazi Kiev leads to major changes in these areas. Defeat would lead to a loss of income, and even heads.

Therefore, local officials began to look for an opportunity to “negotiate” save “united Ukraine.” It is clear that people who do not want a complete victory neo-banderites, pro-Western forces will form their own structure resistance. Best things in the Crimea. But here, local officials are willing to “negotiate”, which ultimately leads to the defeat of the Russian world as a whole. In addition, in the Crimea acute confrontation with the Crimean Tatars, who support the “unity of Ukraine.” Besides, even if the Crimea can organize themselves, he did not discourage alone. Necessary to unite all regions, against the pro-Western government and neo-Nazi forces. Bandera otherwise be able to concentrate superior forces and, with russkokulturnyh regions “fifth column”, better organization and weapons to break the resistance.

Actually, now the possibility of independent pro-Russian appearance belt Novorossia Crimea looks doubtful. Local officials and oligarchs are willing to surrender all to save their possessions and skins. They are more afraid of the self-organization of the local population than the evil which has seized power in Kiev. Generally Ukraine swept wave total betrayal. Yanukovych handed power, and Kiev “Berkut”. Representatives of the government and big business at a time when the “Berkut” fought against the militias fled abroad. Like rats from a sinking ship. Security Service of Ukraine during or inactive or openly worked for the U.S. intelligence services. I must say that the U.S. has been put Ukraine’s security services under his control. SBU leadership – it otkroennye traitors who surrendered their country.

CIA and SBU worked together to prepare Ukrainian militants. Ukrainian generals refused responsibility and Participates in Kiev and the country to neo-Nazis. Local authorities, at a time when it is necessary to pursue an active organization, mobilization and information work to establish structures resistance to Nazi revolution, idle or in fact betray the people. Two decades of expansion in all its glory … The most honest atmosphere decomposition, treachery and deceit are neo-Nazis. Their goal – the final de-Sovietization and de-Russification of Ukraine, the war against the “evil empire” – Russia. entire burden of the problem now lies with the people. From the West and Centre obvious. Promotion of European values ​​has led to an almost complete loss of not only a set of values ​​of the Russian world, but also ordinary sanity. Getting in Western Europe, according to the slaves evromechty solve all their problems. To understand his mistake, “the Ukrainians” will now have to pass through the blood, misery and devastation.

The Southeast soorganizovatsya people will either have to overcome the resistance of local officials and oligarchs, but still in the Crimea and Crimean Tatars, or surrender to neo-banderites. No other choice. This step Russian Southeast must do themselves. For them, no one will. Let the sad fate of the Serbs be before their eyes. Serbs, their leadership, playing political games, surrendered power and got a deserved. “Stand to death!” Either – capitulation and woe to the vanquished …