Israel successfuly neutralizes NATO funded anarchist brigade in West Bank

Typical ISM emblem,based on the same old
globalist motif (Originally Communist),
and popularized in modern times
by the Serbian CIA \ NATO front Otpor.










Editor’s Note…

After many years of negligence and ineptitude, the Israeli Domestic Security Agency, popularly known as Shin Bet, claims to have successfully neutralized the NATO \ Wall street funded and backed anarchist terror brigade known as the “International Solidarity Movement (ISM)”. Further details on the activities and nature of this group can be viewed in this NGO monitor report .

Officially claiming not to “receive any funding from any state, government or association” these Euro-trash class red terrorists have in fact benefited from the semi official support of the cancerous “New Israel Fund (N.I.F)” NGO umbrella, which still exerts significant leverage on the Israeli mainstream media and supreme court, thanks to the massive funding it receives from the globalist Ford Foundation – a well established CIA front, as well as from the Soros open society institute.

Another significant source of funding has been the European Union \ Bilderberg , as well as the UK (who is known to have orchestrated the so called “first Palestinian Intifada” in 1987 by fielding MI6 operatives disguised as “social workers” in the Gaza strip, who jump started that wave of terror). As mentioned above, the European patsy pool provides the majority of manpower or cannon fodder for this NATO operation, with additional reserves coming from North America. 

This globalist leverage exerted via the NIF tentacle has to a large extent prevented effective law enforcement on foreign anarcho-terrorists who managed to infiltrate the country in various ways, and have enjoyed unprecedented freedom of operation to reek havoc in any moment of their choosing.

If this alleged recent Shin Bet success is indeed reflective of reality, perhaps it can be used as a role model for other countries currently suffering from the same phenomenon, like Ukraine and Thailand. 


World Tribune

Israel is said to have neutralized a Western-backed anarchist movement in the West Bank.

The Israel Security Agency reported a sharp drop in activities by the anarchist movement, comprised mostly of Americans and Western Europeans. In its annual report, ISA attributed the decline to the dismantling of a major Western-based group.

“Radical left: There has been a decrease in the level of anarchist activity in Judea and Samaria’s [West Bank] conflict areas,” ISA said in a report titled “Terror Data and Trends: 2013 Annual Summary.”

“One of the reasons for this was the dissolving of pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement.”

Officials said ISM played a major role in Palestinian unrest in the West Bank until 2012. They said ISM organized Palestinian attacks on Jewish civilians and their homes and lobbied for the release of those arrested for insurgency attacks.

“For quite a few years, ISM operated freely in both the West Bank and Jerusalem,” an official said. “They openly recruited in the West for young people willing to fight the Israelis.”

Over the 18 months, however, ISA was said to have tracked and deported numerous foreigners from the anarchist movement. Officials said the deportations, which elicited protests in European Union countries, led to a drop in recruitment as well as operations.

ISA has determined a threat by so-called radical right-wing Jews in the West Bank. The report said the domestic intelligence agency worked with police and the military to arrest and indict dozens of suspects.

“Seventy indictments were served throughout 2013 — as opposed to 46 in 2012 — and 13 administrative restraining orders were issued by the
commander of IDF Central Command and based on ISA information against radical right wing operatives,” the report said.