DHS Solicits Chemicals: Why Would the TSA Need Potassium Chlorate?



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Another false flag in the making ? 


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Potassium Chlorate is commonly used as an oxygen source in rockets and in fireworks. So What’s DHS Doing With It And The Billion Rounds Of Ammunition?

Potassium Chlorate (KCLO3) is a colorless crystalline solid that is able to dissolve in water. It’s used in the manufacture of fireworks, and when mixed with phosphorous becomes Armstrong’s mixture, a very sensitive explosive that has been used in IEDs (improvised explosive devices). It was used in early explosive primers and is still used by some manufacturers. Mixed with silver fulminate it can make novelty items such as firecrackers, pop guns and crackers. It’s a main component in smoke grenades. Mixed with common bleach it can be made into plastic explosive.

It can be used as a disinfectant but doing so is fraught with difficulty as contact with the substance causes skin irritation and irritation of the eyes, nose and mouth. Ingestion, should it get into the water supply, causes damage to the pituitary gland, thyroid gland and the composition of blood. Although used in water treatment plants, it is filtered out before the water even enters the pipes that lead to reservoirs let alone domestic users.

Just adding Potassium Chorate to table sugar and adding one drop of sulphuric acid causes an intense fire instantly. The following video explains this extremely well and shows how the fire is literally instant with just one drop of battery acid added to the beaker. Go to 3:25 if you just want to see the reaction.