BOMBSHELL: Dead JPM bankers “Knew each other and had uncovered something”


Silver Doctors

Wednesday we reported that another JP Morgan banker has been found dead, as the latest banker to meet a sudden and untimely demise is Ryan Henry Crane, the Executive Director in JPMorgan’s Global Equities Group.

Today, Steve Quayle’s banker source “V”, who predicted that a wave of banker hits was imminent when the very first bankers began dropping last week, has dropped a bombshell regarding the death of Ryan Henry Crane.

V states that Crane oversaw all of the trade platforms and worked closely with Gabriel Magee of JPM’s London desk (who fell 32 stories off the JPM London roof moments after texting his g/f he would be home shortly), and that the pair had access to the exact same info.

V concludes Crane & Magee: “Knew each other and had uncovered something“.

V’s update on the latest JPMorgan banker to turn up dead is below:

From Steve Quayle’s banker source “V”

One other thing he was the head at the program trading desk. Meaning he over saw all of the trades and was familiar with all of the software (trade platforms) that these trades were done in. This job works closely with guess what? That’s right the London desk and who died last week in London? That’s right Gabriel Magee the one who jumped off the 33rd floor. What was his post? Head of IT and trade platforms meaning he had access to info that Ryan Henry Crane would have.

They knew each other and uncovered something they were about the same age and these hits happen when two big announcements by JPM.
1. They are out of commodities, and
2.  The wholesale selling of their HQ downtown to the Chinese.

“V” The Guerrilla Economist

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  • someguy

    ” I fear that foreign bankers with their tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it systematically to corrupt modern civilization.
    They will not hesitate to plunge the whole world into wars and chaos in order that the earth shall become their inheritance ” ~ Otto Von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany

  • pfurm

    Have you noticed no news type programs have even mentioned this scandal yet.

  • Gina de Miranda

    They were suicided OVER the hypothecation of gold that did not belong to them and was used to create the derivative mess. They received information from interpol about an ongoing investigation on that very topic and it permitted them to find the links to point the finger at the very highest levels of D.C., Europe and elsewhere…the same guys who get together at Bilderberger

  • Barbara Wall

    sounds like the plot of “Assault on Wallstreet”

  • I see it through this angle and perspective. Christ Jesus violently terrorized the bankers and merchants working out of Temple property in collusion with the Priests, using Temple currency (kosher) in the money changing and buying and selling of merchandise.

    Knowing who he was, the Jewish Leaders of the Temple asked Jesus by what authority he did that? And he taught, saying unto them, Is it not written, My house shall be
    called of all nations the house of prayer? but you have made it a den of

    Jesus answered and said to them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. Then the Jews said, it took 46 years to build this Temple and you will raise it up in three days?

    But he spoke of the temple of his body. (material vs Spiritual)

    In another part of the Bible it says 1000 years is the same as a Day, so the world has arrived at the 3rd Day of the Resurrection.

  • Dwightmannn

    Houston, We have a problem. . .

  • Zach Zeurcher

    So is this just a JP Morgan problem or an entire system problem? Oh wait the entire system is a cartel held together by the fed, of course it’s the entire system! Silly me to forget that…

  • TeaPartyBarbie

    They are data geeks. They know underlying asset values, book values, and trade values. They saw the gap. Not hard to figure by looking at their job descriptions

  • Roland Garnett

    Strart stockpiling now. They can’t control the air you breath but they can and do control the water. Try living without it

    • Boo Black

      Chemtrails poisons the air… you out of options there……

      • They aren’t even real airplanes, that whole trail and plane is a shape. Sometime try telling it to go away, and watch a whole trail and plane go “poof” and disappear. There is nothing in them, except fairy dust. It’s a hoax, there are no metals falling on us from the trails. Do you wonder why most people can’t even notice them, at all?

        • Dana Judd

          Your comment shows just how bad and rampant cognitive dissonance rules. I will keep my fingers crossed for you to rise above. But I will not be holding my breath.

  • Rebecca Bonnell

    Laura Lee, You are 100% CORRECT in everything you have said. Only those who have been “Saved Through The Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ” Will have their eyes open to what is Really Happening in The World!

    • Satan

      cool story bro

      • Charles Martin


  • Pk Mitchell

    Mark Hulbert – The Wall Street Journal Marketwatch – Feb. 11, 2014, 6:30 a.m. EST
    Scary 1929 market chart gains traction
    Opinion: If market follows the same script, trouble lies directly ahead

  • BrainBoner

    Maybe they are killing themselves because they know of something that’s going to happen. Maybe they have knowledge that the banking business has no reason in the near future or something. WE NEED TO STAND THE FUCK UP

    • Tom McClure

      uhhh, or being murdered….wake up

  • KS Sys

    Keep jumping bankers.

  • Houtex77

    One day the people will wake up to a bankrupt economy and a nation in total chaos. I just hope the rapture happens before.

    • Phillip Michael

      The federal bankruptcy has been in effect since 1933 according to senate housing reports and congressional records. US Citizens have also been deemed “enemies of the State” since the 1933 amendment to the Trading with the Enemy Act. Statutes, codes and ordinances are color of law (fiction) and have usurped Constitutional laws. Things are not as they appear…

    • The rapture is a complete lie and you might wanna learn the truth. Watch the documentary, “After the Tribulation” on youtube.

  • Pink Rabbit

    Stamford Ct. Home of Peter Lanza, the Blavk woman who was shot after wildly driving around Wash DC with her child in back seat, and now this 5th banker Crane. What a coincidence.

    • darylj46

      This is just the beginning and more are coming. Americans had better wake up as there are a lot of citizens on that list also. Anyone that doesn’t think this is an inside job better go to a shrink and I will put odds that the government is in on all of this. They got a lot to hide.

    • Debby Ward

      just read another story on this, and its up to 20 dead and/or missing.

      • punnylady

        I have heard this too!!!

    • East coast headquarters of the Church of Satan, that is the reason.

  • rogercharlesworth

    So what did all that mean to them? I mean if the SHTF just up anchor and out. Those guys were loaded what dafuq?

    • akulkis

      It means that somebody didn’t want these guys talking to the cops. Others will follow.

      MASSIVE amounts of gold are missing.

      Germany asked for their gold deposits from Fort Knox, and 7 years later, we’re still sending them small installments.

      I remember seeing years ago that the gold banks were short on gold (and that the only people who seem to be long on gold are women wearing it on their ears and wrists… oh, and Saudi women with these obscenely gaudy sternum-plates make of 22K gold).

      • Mark Dial

        Keep in the mind the gold was removed from the USA back in the 1990s to the middle east. At this time were the S & L lawsuits filed that even today have not come to trial. The two are likely linked as with a list of rich people wacked back then. As these are contract mob hits. Interesting is the Scripture Haggai 2:8 … “The gold is mine and the silver is mine”. This is God speaking of at the 2 nd coming at the end of a 7 year Tribulation of public war, pole shifts and plagues on the destroyed earth. That you would expect that Gold and Silver would be a hard find. He would be in Israel at this time. It seems this is why the battle of Armageddon.

        • Charles Martin

          Mark wins! Nuttiest nut here!!!

      • dragon5126

        first off and foremost the MYTH of the US storing German Gold is exactly that MYTH. The Gold was taken as spoils of war to PREVENT a resurrection of the German war machine, under the Unilateral surrender of Germany to the United States, to ANY terms the US so Demanded. here Were NO written terms of surrender, and the US was allowed by the signed document to do AND take as we wished to enforce the inability of Germany to raise an Army until such time as we saw fit, Up to and INCLUDING annexing what had become West Germany, as we allowed Russia to have control of what became East Germany… We did NOT keep any of Germany, but we DID keep all captured financial resources that were legitimately held by Germany and endeavored to ensure the illegally seized resources were returned. In Short that so called Stored gold was OURS NOT Germany’s and the story about Germany requesting it back was twisted in the way it was stated. They were begging for OUR gold that we took to pay for the war we fought against the Nazis…

        • Anthony Todd

          Well that shed a bit of light on that matter!
          Thanks dragon!

      • Charles Martin

        you forgot the Indian women as well. There is over 8500 mtons of gold in the US held by or gov. sound like a lot. it is not. There never was that much gold, ever. That is why we are not on a gold standard. it limited how big our markets could grow. Get an education and stop spamming the internet with trash, btw, most of you are late for your psyc appointment.

  • john

    Dont trust anything you read on that Doc site!

    • Laura Lee

      Who are we supposed to trust? The Government funded and run MSM? We tend to look at sites, and weigh the material. The main sites not to trust… are the MSM sites. The rest, we use our noggins.

      • Elaine Perkins

        If Americans had used their noggins before in 2008 we would not be in this mess.

        • Craig Hill

          sorry but the problem doesnt lie with the presidency

          • Pat Roberts

            In 2008, too many repubs were voted in or were reelected.

          • Christine Johnson

            No the problem is that to many people voted and didn’t know who or what they were voting for.

          • Will

            The only choices they had to vote from were bad ones

          • Chris Stiles

            Doesn’t matter who the president is they all work together anyway

          • Nate Wright

            your right it dosent matter who is in office they are all the same behind closed doors and it is us aginst them and really do any of you think your vote is even counted. it would be nice to think that way but its all controled years in advance. and the deeper you dig the scareier it gets.wonder what would happen if no one votedor we sent just an even amount to vote a tie between them all

          • dragon5126

            THE NWO is ISLAM. and ISLAM is in the OVAL OFFICE. Like H#ll it doesnt matter. its IDIOTS who say it doesnt matter who allowed this sh1t storm to hit…

          • BrainBoner

            No the Problem is that WE CAN’T VOTE AT ALL. Remember Citizens only have simple Population Votes, but the Boards of Election are the ones that really matter. First they undermine our intelligence, Now they are going to Undermine our Rights. THIS COUNTRY NEEDS A REBOOT BADLY

          • Christine Johnson

            I really think you need to go back and look again. Do some research. See how much money was dumped in the banks to save them.

          • Anthony Warbird

            yeah.. the problem lays with the rothchilds… they own the currency of the world. one of their quotes is basicly “let me own the currency and i care not who is elected”

          • Boo Black

            Neither does the solution

        • if americans had used their noggins from 1913-1933 we wouldn’t be in this mess, but 2008 was a bit late to the party there chief. Don’t like the C.E.O.? I don’t like the Company.

        • Laura Lee

          If Christians put their faith in Jesus and the Word of God rather than in flesh and Satan… using the mind of Christ… they would realize that the world system government produces the 666 beast system and is of the devil. They would not call the synagogue of Satan of the world system “the Christian Nation”… and would know the Christian nation is the Church. This is a battle against Satan… not a battle between Dems and Repubs in the synagogue of Satan.

          • Devon

            Wow, you just pulled that from nowhere. Filling in the pieces are you? Just matching nonsense ideas to fit a nonsense book.

          • Laura Lee

            If you do not realize that the NWO is rising as the 666 beast system globally as the Bible prophesied… then you don’t know truth. The fact of the matter is, that the Christians on American soil have all Kingdom power and authority over the NWO on American soil. It is not dems vs repubs. It is Christians vs satanists on the soil… God vs Satan. If you think it is anything else, you are blind. The victory of the Christians over the satanists is the power of the cross and blood of Jesus over Satan… nothing else. It is spiritual warfare, and as an unsaved person… you are on the other side of the line with the satanists.

          • Devon

            First, you have to reach to fathom a way to show the bible actually reads 666 prior to its translation of translated ideas. What is the NEW World Order? Aren’t you making up an institution to again fill your reasoning? Don’t know the truth about what? It’s foolish to think America has financial control over the world. It’s in debt to everyone including itself at a currency rate it does not use outside of the markets which are an over estimated status for a system requiring its abuse. Who are the Satanists? The world has failed to produce this so called group. Furthermore, there’s no evidence that Jesus existed let alone Satan. If you dislike spiritual warfare then simply choose not to be religious. If you fear this so called life in hell then repent on the 2nd resurrection when the pit is opened. However, you are speculating what this god will do. Isn’t this also how you interpret your book, with speculation as to its intent and its author? I notice you aren’t quoting where this god lets this Satan fellow out of hell on parole for a thousand years. “Loosened a bit”.
            You’re probably right though and should start your bunker building now because surely it will happen.

          • Mark Batty

            Right on Devon

          • David Reedy

            Devon, while I do not dispute the majority of your post their are some things worth rectifying. While “Satanists” is a hard group to find “Luciferians” are global and networked, and prominent people like Mason Albert Pike, referred to Lucifer as God. Marx, whose communism was nothing more than a continuation of so called illuminati principles himself wrote many ballads to Satan. At Bohemian Grove, ceremonies are still conducted to Mollock, a child-devouring old testament deity, and depictions of Baphomet are everywhere in the modern and contemporary world. I’m not speculation on the actuality of a devil or not, I’m just point out that people do worship, literally or symbollicall,y said being or derivatives. Second the whole New World Order thing can be found a lot. Google “New World Order” + video + just about any politician (bush, bush ii, Obama, Clinton (mr. and mrs.), the last two popes, last two prime ministers of England, henry Kissinger, and there is the essay by Joe Biden… One can scan the Council on Foreign Relations documents and find just about 200 references to the “new socialist order”. Now both Larry McDonald (D) and Barry Goldwater (R) warned us about the Council on Foreign Relations and its allegiance to non-American interests. A variation of the term, “new order of the ages” was said by bush ii, and it’s latin equivalent appears on the back of 1 dollar bills. Hitler called for New World Order. Welles wrote a book by that title. So, it’s hardly a new idea. And it’s hard to say, how organized, if at all such an idea is, but undoubtedly, whilst debating and skirmishing amongst themselves the elitists of the world are working, their best, to make a new world/new socialist order with themselves at the top of the pecking order, a class of slaves underneath them, and most of the human race (ad described by the Georgia Guidestones, Ted Turner, and Prince Phillip)at least 90% eradicated.

          • dragon5126

            Albert Pike was an EX Mason when he became a SATANIST, Not a luciferian. AS for your assertions on members of the NWO, all you will find is popular tripe since there is no proof to what is stated, HOWEVER IF you compare the purported goals of the NWO, the assumed designs of it and its suspected precepts, there is ONLY one known group that fits every single point, and level of it. and that IS ISLAM.

          • dragon5126

            your ignorance is astounding… LOOK AT ISLAM

          • dragon5126

            The NWO IS ISLAM, do your research and see what you find, One world government one world law one world religion and they even have their own banking without the “Rothchilds”

          • Dana Judd

            When god speaks the words “I never new you”, he will be talking to all who claim to follow Christ, but instead live their lives drowning in the ONLY FALSE DOCTRINE of god on the planet and even worse try to drown the world with them.
            Every person that promotes the written word IS A FALSE PROPHET.
            I pray you reach discernment over this bitter deception in your indoctrination. If you sit down and make you a list of what the CROSS means in it’s fullness, you will understand. Good luck!

          • Adam Brian

            Remember the debates when the republican audience applauded letting the people die with no insurance. I don’t really see how you can’t call these peoplebad. And not one republican on that stage said anything. Democrats would have never let something like that go. Democrats would have said something to the audience to. You sound really silly. Don’t believe me look it up on YouTube. After that I figured out what party was bad cause with something like that in your face inhumanity became apparent wouldn’t you say there young an. So please pay attention to the difference in the parties people colts an just about everything needs a 100 percent critique anymore with the way it is today.

          • Linda S Canter

            That statement is beyond ridiculous….

          • dragon5126

            Insurance does not have anything to do with people dying it simply prevents bankruptcy. The people demanded control of runaway medical costs and profiteering by insurance companies and look at what the democrats did : MANDATED insurance and jacked the prices even higher, the exact opposite of what the people wanted and needed, AND also inserted death panels into the mix so that now people MUST die even with insurance… You are not very bright are you?

          • Janet Sheffield

            YOU are the one who isn’t very bright, dragon5126. Insurance companies are the only ‘death panels’ that I have ever heard of. They are the ones who refuse to pay for life saving treatments for people. Most democrats I know want single payer healthcare…but the Repubs and some Dems wouldn’t go for that because their greedy corp. ins. exec. crony buddies. can’t skim profits out of our suffering if they’d allow that. The main reason U.S. medical costs are so high is the greed of politicians and their corp. cronies who want to make $’s off the suffering of the working class. There are NO death panels, you idiot, other than the greedy profiteers who are controlling our government.

        • Boo Black

          Not true The Gov did 911, Pearl Harbor Gulf of Tunkan, if you paying taxes now you are assisting……it’s over, camps are ready………and the peolpe have been primed, you seee the cop murders, it’s over DEHUMANISED

      • dragon5126

        the Govt doesnt FUND the msm, they CONTROL it, The MSM is extremely profitable because stooges buy into it and pay for it on their own