Bankers Suicided over their employers’ Uranium business?



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By Scaliger


JPM & Deutsche Bank cross at both the Bankers-Suicide wave and the Yellow-cake business.

On two high-profile yet very problematic fronts, JPM and Deutsche-Bank coincide recently:

1. The bankers ‘suicide’ wave which involves the CIA [Link].

2. Their joint Yellow-cake business, alongside Goldman-Sachs and Morgan-Stanley [Link].

This ‘coincidence’ easily explains the extent and pace of this murder wave, alongside the lack of trails (CIA).While Goldman-Sachs seems to have been exposed in illicit Yellow-cake sales [Link: Goldman Sachs decides to stop trading uranium after links to Iran exposed],others may still opt for keeping face on this matter.

 The cardinal impetus to silence all potential whistle-blowers in this case, may very well have to do with the owners of those mega-banks, coalescing with those preaching righteously against the Iranian Jihadist global military nuclear program, while they enable it themselves for the profit – some of it direct yet the most of it in the context of geopolitics, where the Globalist-Powers-That-Print build and pit a nuclear Jihadist Iran against the rest of Eurasia, essentially booby-trapping the entirety of the ‘old-world’.

Those Globalist-Powers-That-Print have funneled, by means of a thralldom of interest, the riches of the USA in to their private pocket named the ‘Federal Reserve Bank’, which according to the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) holds over a Trillion USD. Thus the USA is left on the verge of a financial collapse, exactly when it should smash down the Iranian nuclear program.

There’s no much risk to the Globalist-Powers-That-Print, or say much chance to humanity, that the Iranian nuclear program would gather an anti-Bankster front around it,since Iran is likely to use its incumbent nuclear umbrella in order to back-up Islamic violent overtakes within formerly Christian countries across and throughout Europe.

Much of the ‘underlying asset’ might have come from overtaken Libya, Link: 10,000 barrels of yellowcake uranium found in Libya, shocking observers The Uranium trade is easier and more ‘liberal’ than for some harmless substances:

Uranium macht frei 

“Uranium is a liberalizing marketplace. It’s not as mature as most other exchange-traded commodities,” said Scott Lawrence, head of nuclear fuel trading at MF Global in London. “It’s certainly not unusual for a wide range of parties to have legal title to the material.” [Link].

Adding the above to the Pakistani, i.e. British-by-extension, Dr. Khan network of military nuclear consulting [Link],  bearing in mind there may very well exist other similar networks, and a neat idea of what Anglo-America seems to be up to emerges.

State of the Schism 

This Bankster meddling comes at a time when Iran is found in a world war against NATO on several fronts simultaneously:

  • Defaulting on the destruction of the Syrian huge Chemical Weapons stockpiles.
  • A principal refusal, expressed by the PNA on behalf of the Arab and Muslim worlds, to recognize Israel being a homeland for the Jews, i.e. to recognize it at all.
  • Flying the weapon-flag of the Hezbollah in Germany during their public town-center ‘tolerance’ demonstration in Mönchengladbach [Link].
  • The Iranian provocative militaristic Atlantic Maritime mission.
  • MIRV declaration – apparently false, thus most likely was intended to convince the west to grant Iran right to MIRV on the false premise it had already possessed this capacity.
That’s while the west on its own part:
  • Complements its present OTPOR campaign in the Ukraine with one in oil-rich Venezuela too: Ukraine and Venezuela – Otpor Inside
  • The recent short-lived Bosnian color revolution [Link].
  • Restrains both Immigration and bleeding animals to death.


One cannot escape the impression that Iran is poking the USA with a heavy stick, while NATO suffices with low-key political irritations, suggesting it has already acclimated to its new global status of Dhimmitude.

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