Is Bitcoin a Bankster Made Bubble?


Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger


Bitcoin is self-contained, thus highly-volatile, thus a tyrannical money-pump

A Self-contained currency is a money-pump

The greatest problem with Bitcoin is its inherently high volatility. High volatility is exactly what speculators are after, in order to milk capital out of the public in a repetitious and perpetual manner, thus the metaphor of a money pump. 

Bitcoin is far more volatile than state currencies, because it is not adjusted to the productive GDP, i.e. to goods/salaries, since no taxes are payable in Bitcoin. Thus Bitcoin is a self-contained currency 

Bitcoin pervades ubiquitous surveillance

The very scheme of a bitcoin transaction, forces the user to remain with realm of high-bandwidth communications while carrying a powerful computer. This is exactly the full prerequisite for total surveillance by the state on its residents, with the powerful computers, e.g. iPhone/iPad, keeping on reporting to the Prism on every move you make and on any step you take.

 Compare this with the commonplace plastic card,which merely requires that the vendor holds to a minimalist telephone line,and the tremendous difference becomes strikingly apparent. 

Availability and Stability of Currency allow for Self-defense, thus for Democracy

I think the single most important value of a currency is the impossibility to abolish or even seriously diminish it.Thus precious metals are the long term currencies of the world. Insofar, in spite of generations of ubiquitous plastic cards, large chunks of modern economies are genuine black market/unreported, thus given a steady currency, a thorough gun-confiscation remains unattainable. Widespread gun-ownership deters the banksters from engineering a financial collapse, because it shall be their neck on the line.

Productive Currencies and Civil resistance,or: why Bitcoin emerged only during ZIRP 

Once a regime has entered a ZIRP, Zero Interest Rate Policy,it is not burdened with short-term repayments, thus its function cannot be manipulated in the short term by means of putting it on more loans, like it was in pre-ZIRP times. 

ZIRP only occurs when the financial situation is highly-leveraged,i.e. when financial bubbles are rampant, e.g. on the markets of real-estate, stocks and bonds. Where ZIRP to occur during financially sustainable circumstances, i.e. lowly leveraged, then hyper-inflation would strike immediately, thus it would be an ostensible suicide, thus it doesn’t happen. 

A ZIRP period is thus one in which the regime is very susceptible to quick deleveraging of the markets, while it is not quite responsive to the banksters. Thus during a ZIRP period the regime would be much more susceptible to organized public resistance e.g. labor-strikes and/or consumption-bans, given a productive currency. 

Bitcoin has cropped-up amidst the ZIRP season of the productive currency, in order to allow them to keep on puppeteering the socio-economy with a never-ZIRP currency, which thus shields them from public descent. Public descent typifies the PIGSI countries, which undergo enduring ZIRP periods throughout which the growing power of the public on the expense of the power of the banksters, drives the regimes to bring legal allegations against  the Banksters for their financial crimes. It also allows the regime to reverse out of some of the inherently unsustainable hyper-socialist policies which had put it on the interest slavery to start with. 

Responsible State-Finance

1. Forbid national indebtedness.

2. Replace Central-Banking with a proactive Parliamentary control over the currency,

    e.g. passing every quarter (3 Months) a law for the specific issuance of money

    during the next quarter. Thus letting the public to prepare on time, thus denying

    the advantage the banksters hold by means of internal information

    about upcoming central-bank monetary decision.

3. Every allocation of reserve-currency in any financial institution

    shall be cryptographically-signed, in order to allow any interested party to ascertain

    the presence of that reserve, unlike the present situation in which fiat reserve is only

    inferred by means of flimsy accounting, thus leading to all those nasty bankrupt surprises.

Altogether we’ve shown in this article that Bitcoin is the currency of Tyranny,which cropped up JIT (Just In Time) in the height of the ZIRP season,in order to allow the banksters to keep themselves outside of jail while they surround the public with yet another wall.