Federal Courts: Obama Partnership With Drug Cartels Deeper Than Weapons


The Free Patriot

Presented in a Federal Judge’s court ruling is an insight we have never seen in Federal Courts. It seems very prominent that Obama’s partnership with drug cartels go way beyond the weapons we knew about!

A federal court in Texas has issued a formal opinion on the court case United States of America v. Mirtha Veronica Nava-Martinez. The judge, Andrew Hanen, presented his opinion from the case that threw open the doors to watch the travesty of justice that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the shear lawlessness of the Obama Administration. This goes way beyond the Fast and Furious weapons Scandal.

While most the Mainstream Media is concentrating on Duck Dynasty, a Federal Court in Texas was hearing a little unheard about case.  It seems that the defendant, Nava-Martinez, had a little bit of work behind closed doors smuggling children from El Salvador into the United States to be given to illegal immigrants so that they could stay in the US with drug cartel money. The problem was after paying $8500 to smuggle a little girl out of South America to the US, the person in charge of smuggling the child got caught in human trafficking by DHS at the border.

Then the unusual happened. Instead of turning the human trafficker over to Mexico, or turning them around and securing the boarders, DHS delivered the child to the destination in Virginia!

What is the worst part, Nava-Martinez is a prior felon for food stamp fraud in 2011, and suspected of being a drug cartel go between. The person that hired her to smuggle the child is a woman named Patricia Elizabeth Salmeron Santos. Santos has been denied legally entry into the United States more than once, with the last time being 2001. She lives in Virginia since that time illegally and is hoping for the Amnesty bill to go through.

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