Preparing for a nuclear Iran: Russia replaces America in The Middle-East









Editor’s Note…

The tectonic shifts observed in the Middle East following Obama’s Syria debacle appear to be increasingly harder to conceal: Not only has the US Navy withdrew most of its ships from the region, but the Russian navy is now massively present in its stead. The rapid pace of the Russian drive into the region it has lost in 1973 to the Americans may arouse suspicions of a rigged game between the super powers, of Russia replacing America in the Middle East while America relocates its naval assets to the pacific ocean vs. China- or it simply could be an integral part of Brzezinski’s apocalyptic plot to nuclearize Iran vs. the Russian expansion to the Levant, which will be followed by Saudi Arabia obtaining its nukes from Pakistan and installing them on Chinese missiles, thereby creating a new (im)balance of terror that according to the delusional mindset of the American strategists is supposed to contain Russia from its southern flank – hence the recent desperate attempt by Obama and Kerry to sign a nuclearization deal with the Mullah regime at all cost.

While the aforementioned nuclear domino (described in this report) was recently disrupted by the French (under Saudi leverage), it’s reasonable to assume that Brzezinski puppet Obama and Skull & Bones henchman Kerry will try to push forward in this direction nevertheless. The fresh Russian deal with the Egyptian junta , detailed in the report below, suggests not only a new Russian naval base in Alexandria, but also strategic Russian missiles (both defensive and offensive) to be supplied to Egypt (with Saudi funding) as counter-weight to Iran’s Shiite Crescent . It’s noteworthy to mention that Russia refuses to sell Iran the very same weapon systems it offers Egypt – an awakening call to anyone who thinks Russia is Iran’s “ally”.

Long term, the Israelis might feel threatened by state of the art Russian weapon systems at the hands of their southern neighbor, despite their present alliance with the Egyptian Junta vs. Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood , although the fundamental Egyptian interest would be to maintain Israel as a buffer zone facing the Eastern empire (Iran) – such has been the state of affairs throughout much of the biblical period, by the way.

These geostrategic maneuvers are quite reminiscent of the way the Anglo-Americans have built up both Hitler and Stalin during the 1930s, in the hope that they would collide with each other and therefore allow the western allies reap the benefits of this mutual destruction. Of course, they didn’t predict Hitler’s decision to go west (to France) before he went East to confront Stalin. This failure to predict the tragic developments eventually escalated all the way to WWII. The present day analogy would be a Shiite drive westward towards the Gulf monarchies and Israel, way before any confrontation with the Russians. It remains to be seen if Israel and Saudi Arabia can still “go it alone” at this late stage of the events and defuse the Iranian bomb on their own.



Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu start a two-day visit to Cairo Wednesday, Nov. 13, to wind up a major sale of advanced Russian weaponry for the Egyptian army and the Russian Navy’s access to port facilities on the Mediterranean.

debkafile’s military sources, which first revealed the coming transactions in the last week of October, now amplify that report by disclosing that Moscow has agreed to equip Egypt with a sophisticated combined double-layered system which covers both its defensive and offensive requirements.
1. The first layer will provide a shield against attack by stealth aircraft, drones and cruise missiles for all of Egypt’s airspace, including the Suez Canal, the Red Sea and its coastal waters, up to the central Mediterranean. Our military sources add that part of the system will be positioned in eastern Egypt for the protection of key Saudi cities as well.

2. The second layer will be built around sophisticated surface missiles with ranges that cover all points in the Middle East including Iran. Moscow and Cairo are keeping the types of missiles secret.

Saudi Arabia is putting up the estimated $4 billion to pay for the transaction.
The Russian delegation will include the first deputy director of the Federal Service on Military-Technical Cooperation, Andrei Boitsov, and officials from state-arms exporter Rosoboronexport.

Egyptian officials continued Tuesday to deny reports that a Russian naval base would be established in an Egyptian port as “illogical,” saying it would “undermine the country’s independence and sovereignty.”

However, according to our sources, planning is already underway for the deployment of some 1,500 Russian military personnel in Egypt to have the new missiles up and running and local personnel trained in their use by mid-2014. A similar number of Russian naval and marine servicemen have been assigned to setting up the naval base, most probably in Alexandria.

We have learned that the visiting Russian ministers and Egypt’s rulers will also discuss permission for Russian warships to dock in Egypt’s Red Sea waters opposite the Saudi coast.

Several thousand Russian military personnel will therefore soon be deployed in Egypt, 42 years after the entire body of Russian “military advisers” was expelled from the country by President Anwar Sadat.

The visit to Egypt by Lavrov and Gen. Shoigu was heralded at the port of Alexandria by the arrival of the Soviet Pacific Fleet flagship, the guided missile cruiser Varyag. Egyptian Navy commanders greeted the ship with unusual honor, including a gun salute. Varyag will remain in the Egyptian port for the duration of the Russian ministers’ stay.

When US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Cairo on Nov. 3, he tried to induce Defense Minister Gen. Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to call off the arms deal with Russia by offering to restore in full the $1.3 billion US military aid package which the Obama administration left hanging after the coup which deposed Mohamed Morsi as president in July.

Gen. El-Sisi replied that Cairo does not intend severing its military ties with Washington and would prefer to continue to receive American airplanes and tanks, but will also be glad to take delivery of advanced Russian weapons which the US has withheld from Egypt.

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