Connecting the dots to decode Obama’s Military Purge


Western Center for Journalism

Barack Obama’s purge of high-ranking officers has reached a staggering number—now approaching 200.

It has been suspected by many that the purge has something to do with nuclear weapons, given that several officers relieved of duty recently were at the very top of the chain of command with oversight over our nuclear weapons arsenal. On October 9, 2013, Vice Admiral Timothy Giardina, “deputy commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, an entity that oversees all nuclear-armed missiles, bombers and submarines,” including land-based nukes, was relieved of duty.  A mere 48-hours later, Major General Michael Carey, in charge of hundreds of nuclear missiles across the United States, was also relieved of command. In addition, there is the suspicious death days after the Boston bombing of two-star general Joseph Brown, who had extensive ties to the deployment of nuclear weapons.

There have been rumors that the purge is due to a “litmus test,” in which Obama has asked the higher echelons in the military whether they would disarm and fire upon U.S. citizens. A refusal allegedly brings immediate termination.

But the reason may be simpler, yet more sinister, in which nuclear weapons, the military, and the Boston bombing are inextricably linked.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video in which we connect the dots to these seemingly unrelated events.