Obama’s handlers ignite civil war in Egypt


The recent tactical successes of the Egyptian military in kicking the Muslim Brotherhood out of the major urban centers[Link] and tackling Al Qaeda in Sinai’s “Tora Bora”[Link] should be understood as merely the first battle in a long war. The danger is far from over as Obama’s globalist handlers are working at full pace to turn the Egyptian sphere into a mega Syrian styled bloodbath.

One of the early results of the “Arab spring” and the downfall of the Mubarak regime in 2011 was the transfer of weapons and Jihadists (under NATO auspices) from Egypt to eastern Libya (Cyrenaicafrom where the war against the Qaddafi regime was launched. This time around it works in the opposite direction. Numerous groups of Jihadists from Libya and Somalia were spotted flowing into Egypt recently (was the Nairobi false flag the opening shot of this destabilization campaign?)  to fight the military regime of General Al-Sisi who retaliated with extreme harshness both on the Sinai front and in Egypt itself.

While the military controls Cairo and other major cities, the Islamists wield their influence in the peripheral sectors of the country, from where they plan to launch their own counter-coup and roll back the Gulf-States funded military coup which removed the Mursi regime. The stakes are very high for both sides as this is total war between nationalists and Islamists, and the losers will be exterminated – hence the great brutality employed by both sides of the brewing civil war.

If the above sounds eerily similar to the early phase of the Syrian civil war two years ago, that’s because the globalist methodology remains the same, this time on a much larger scale, so the level of bloodshed that will result from turning Egypt into a failed state will be much higher. As we have repeatedly warned, the Obama regime will stop at nothing to accomplish its mad goal in the Middle-East, of bringing about the monstrous allied Caliphate. The recent Brzezinski plotted Obama-Iran rapprochement may certainly reinforce the plan to destabilize Egypt as a joint American-Iranian venture(It should be remembered that Iran supported the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt down to the last minute, and shares with Obama the desire to reinstate it to their mutual benefit), whereas the military junta enjoys the support of otherwise opposing players like Russia, Israel and the Gulf monarchies.

The collapsing Egyptian economy has already turned it from an exporter to an importer of natural gas, while the Suez canal is routinely threatened with terrorist attacks on passing ships,which endanger its status as a critical global bottle neck capable of paying off handsome dividends to Egypt. It is very reasonable to assume that NATO is preparing an intervention campaign in the Suez once they deem Egypt “incapable of securing the canal from [NATO backed] terrorists”. A joint NATO-Iranian control over the canal will greatly strengthen their leverage over the horn of Africa, and damage Israel-Chinese interests in that sensitive sector, where a joint Israeli-Chinese counter-piracy naval task force has been operating for quite a while.

On the eastern edge of Sinai, Israel has just ratified the decision to construct the Eilat-Ashdod railway by Chinese companies as an alternative to the Suez canal. This joint venture of Israel and China will be able to provide a land bridge between the red sea and the Mediterranean sea which is badly needed by the likes of China,India,Japan and Korea as a safe way to European markets and vice versa. Obviously this is one of the main reasons for the ongoing terrorist blitz on the Eilat area by globalist backed and funded Al-Qaeda terrorists, as we have shown already in . Another telltale sign for globalist subversion in this matter is the supreme court petitions submitted by “environmentalist” (read Eco-Fascist) NGOs (all of whom are foreign funded) against the railway plan, as well as an absurd “public statement” given by the notoriously Anglophile Ephraim Halevy (former head of Mossad) on behalf of said globalist NGOs against the project on the grounds that it could “jeopardize relations with the west”.

Fortunately the globalists appear to have failed this time around in their attempts to subvert Israeli interests from within, but the greater battle for Egypt is just in the early phase. It will probably take the downfall or impeachment of the Obama regime to sever the Jihadists’ financial life line to some extent, so the coming outcome of the Washington shutdown should give us a clue where things are headed in the near future.

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