British False Flag at Navy Yard?


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The dead patsy : Aaron Alexis, the 34-year-old suspect in Monday’s shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard, had “secret” clearance and was assigned to start working there as a civilian contractor with a military-issued ID card,despite his very problematic track record – a clear case of stand down mechanism used by the powers that be who wanted to enable the attack in this manner. A day after the attack the cover up is going on at full pace as they try to dismiss the reports about the second and third shooters, despite multiple eye witnesses saying otherwise. This is standard practice in such cases, as the drugged patsy can’t be relied upon to cause enough carnage and mayhem all by himself and requires professional assassins to aid him.


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DC under martial law as Boston-Bombing like manhunt underway for escaping shooters. Cover up already begins: Multiple witnesses described both white and black shooters, witnesses described gunmen carrying AR-15, shotgun and handgun as weapons,yet MSNBC is now saying that it was really only one gunman “with a workplace issue with the Navy” – apparently the one that was conveniently shot dead – the classic “disgruntled lone gunman” patsy.


Formerly we reported:

Merely two days after MI6 sock-puppet Ayman Zawahiri , otherwise known as “Al Qaeda leader”, issued a videotaped call for an adherent to carry out a “lone wolf attack” inside the United States, two shooters have been apprehended after at least 10 people were shot, with four confirmed fatalities, at a Navy Yard in Washington DC. One of the gunmen is now confirmed dead (liquidated on the spot to prevent trial?). Was it Britain’s revenge for the Obama-Putin deal on Syria’s chemical weapons which torpedoed their plans to fight Syria to the last American while washing their hands clean by blocking Cameron at the Parliament? Perfidious Albion is known to have pulled such tricks in the past using Anglophile networks in the American establishment, the recent famous case is that of the double agent Snowden who managed to disrupt relations between the U.S. and pretty much the rest of the world on behalf of MI6 via the UK Guardian.

It remains to be seen if this is the case this time as well at Washington DC. Either way, someone is obviously not happy with the way things turned out with regards to the abrupt cancellation of the naval assault on Syria. The same bankster controlled rouge networks that have struck in the past have managed to do so again today. The precise nature of this particular false flag is likely to be seen in the next 48 hours or so. Stay tuned.