Centcom sets up underground war room in Jordan for intervention in Syria











Editor’s Note by Scaliger…

The ‘no fly zone’ tainted red on the map is covered from within Jordanian territory by means of even  low-end Air-to-Air missiles, like the previous generation Sidewinder, the AIM-9L, and by means of  e.g. the AGM-65 Maverick against ground targets. The 3,000 strong ‘highly professional’ ‘rebels’ troops  might be target designation troops, who nest on  Syrian soil, detecting and identifying targets and when  appropriate also call in for fire support, which they may then direct spot on using laser designators,  thus minimizing collateral damage. It is clearly stated on the Video part of that Debka article, that all this capacity isn’t intended to remove Assad’s regime but rather ‘to corner it’, which may suggest atkeeping it at a safety distance from the borders of Jordan, Israel and perhaps also from that of the Druze province located at the very southern edge of Syria bordering Jordan, centered around ‘Jabel Druze’ i.e. the Druze Mountain.

This approach is essentially similar to the security zone Israel operated in southern Lebanon since summer 1982 till summer 2000, which gave time and rise to the Hezbollah. Hezbollah has won a strategic status in Syria during 

the recent rebellion against Assad’s regime, while it is much likelier to have remained off the hook of Russian supervision and restraints than Syria itself and than Iranian troops in Syria.

This publication comes amidst Iranian admission of operating 18,000 Uranium-separation centrifuges [Link] which come under the Iranian partnership with the north-Korean military nuclear program [Link]. The American operation in Jordan thus remains besides the strategic point of mitigating for the Iranian nuclear Jihad, which in turn forms a clear and present danger to Europe as much as it does to Israel. 

Sequestration hasn’t prevented Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To The Muslim Brotherhood, which otherwise could have been funneled towards the destruction of the Iranian nuclear program. ‘Only’ delaying this program by means of military campaigns makes full sense since the New Energy Order is already ramping up and may dominate the global markets already in the next decade.



Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, was in Amman this week to inaugurate the Centcom’s Forward Command in Jordan manned by 273 US officers. US media correspondents were permitted to visit the new war room for the first time on condition of non-disclosure of its location and secret facilities. debkafile’s military sources report that the installation is bomb- and missile-proof against a possible Syrian attack. The US Air Force command section is in direct communication with the US, Israeli, Jordanian and Saudi Air Force headquarters ready for an order by President Barack Obama to impose a partial no-fly zone over Syrian air space.

Another section is designed to coordinate operations between US and Jordanian special forces, as well as the units trained in commando combat by US instructors in Jordan.  A closed section houses CIA personnel who control the work of US agents going in and out of Syria and also a communications center.
In his briefing to US forces Thursday, Aug. 15, Gen. Dempsey commented: “Jordan lives in a very volatile region and at a very critical time in its history. They can count on us to continue to be their partner.”

He suggested that the operation could continue well into next year or beyond.
Situated atop the underground facility is a large surface structure accommodating the American military and civilian offices dealing with Syrian issues from Jordan. It is guarded by US and Jordanian security units.

There are today some 1,000 US military personnel in the Hashemite Kingdom, plus a squadron of F-16 fighters and several Patriot anti-missile batteries strung along the Jordanian-Syrian border to shield Jordanian and American bases and the capital, Amman.
This special debkafile video presentation illustrates US, Saudi, and Jordanian preparations for military intervention in the Syrian civil war and its likely repercussions.

Obama’s final decision on US military intervention – consisting of a no fly and a buffer zone in Syria – is expected in the coming two to three weeks, depending on Dempsey’s recommendations upon his return to Washington after checking out preparations in Israel and Jordan. In neither operation will US boots touch Syrian soil.

The buffer zone in the south up to Damascus would be captured by 3,000 rebels trained in special operations tactics and armed by US forces in Jordan. Jordanian special forces are to spearhead the operation under US command.

Assad may take the fight outside his borders by launching missiles against Israel, Jordan and maybe Turkey.
Hizballah may join in with rocket attacks on Israel. Iran will beef up its active military presence in Syria and Jordan. And Russian Rapid Intervention units are on standby for saving Assad at their Black Sea and South Caucasian bases