Was Michael Hastings’ Death Staged ?



Two seemingly unrelated facts involving the Rolling Stone magazine were injected to public consciousness today:

First, Rolling Stone published  a feature story on the Boston Patsy Tsarnaev with a headline of “The Bomber.”- an obvious attempt to play the false left-right paradigm with divisive provocateuring, thereby serving the greater establishment agenda of stirring public attention away from the thicker plot behind the Boston false flag.

In a remarkable coincidence, the “Bomber” headline came out the same day when San Diego 6 reporter Kimberly Dvorak broke out the story that Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings’ remains were “cremated without the permission of his family”. Since it was already reported in real time that his body was “burned beyond recognition” this begs for the obvious question: was he really killed or was the whole thing staged. After all, Hastings’ last BuzzFeed message said:” I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the radar for a bit”. Is it not possible that someone decided to get him “off the radar” in the manner of sheep-dipping? (i.e., staging death in order to switch an operative to a new identity, not to be confused with false flag sheep-dipping which is meant to fabricate connections between the patsy and the target).

Either way you look at it , something is very fishy with the way this saga was made public. We have already decoded the disinfo emanating from controlled opposition venues who played a major role in shaping the so called “alternative media” narrative: Wikileaks (fronting alternately for CIA,MI6,SVR), Jim Stone (NSA disinfo shill) and of course Infowars who mindlessly regurgitated all of the above without stopping to think: does any of this make sense?

  • How come establishment figurehead Richard Clarke (one of the originators of the 9/11 myth) was the one who came up with the carjacking theory ?
  • Did Clarke all of a sudden “see the light” and decide to become a “conspiracy nut” or did he have a hidden agenda?
  • Why are the authorities doing their best efforts to increase suspicions and produce bizarre cremation stories?
  • Why is this being peddled by the usual disinfo outfits (Wikileaks, Infowars, etc.) ?

There is more to this affair then meets the eye, and as we’ve shown previously, Hastings was not a real “investigative journalist”, but a lackey for the left CIA who for a while went after Obama’s foes in the right wing of the establishment. Hence the laughable attempt to shift the blame on an alleged “threat by General McCrysthal to assassinate Hastings” (if such a “threat” was really made, which is extremely doubtful,  it was undoubtedly a silly joke) and anyway given Hastings’ track record of licking the establishment’s boots it doesn’t seem very likely that he really came upon some sort of incredible evidence that made it worthwhile for them to liquidate a Rolling Stone reporter in such a clumsy manner. Further inquiry into this is necessary, but do remember: things are not what they appear to be on the surface.

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