The Explosions in Latakia: Before and After

Nine days after reports of explosions near the Syrian city of Latakia, Israel Channel 2 News and IsraelDefense have published photos of the area before and after the mysterious explosion. The publication of these photos comes after the TV network CNN claimed over the weekend that according to US sources, Israel was behind the attack.

According to several Syrian opposition websites, the attack took place in the area of the village of Samiyah on the way from the port city of Latakia to Al Haffah – where a military complex containing a network of 20 bunkers and an isolated area with a warehouse stretching across 80 meters is located.

Intelligence researcher Ronen Solomon obtained satellite photography of the same area, and an examination of the satellite photography and comparison to the photos taken before the supposed date of the attack yields several findings.

A general view:

Area A: Two hangars, including a parking lot for cargo towers located near the entrance to the military complex on the main road between Latakia and Al-Haffah.
Area B: A network of padded ammunition warehouses.
Area C: A central structure with unclear characteristics.
Photography analysis:

Area A: Two hangars, including a parking lot for cargo towers, were constructed in the past two years, located near the entrance to the military complex on the main road between Latakia and Al-Haffah.

Area A: In parallel to the main road, a convoy of about six cargo transporters was observed in the satellite photo from July 7 on the service path leading to the parking area (no evidence as to damage).

Area B: About 20 isolated storage warehouses. Based on the comparison of the satellite photography, impact can be identified with certainty at five warehouses. This figure corresponds with the testimonies gathered in Syria and presented on various websites.

Area C: A large structure of unclear purpose can be identified, which based on the comparison of the satellite photography, resembles the results of the bombing of the Syrian reactor in 2007.

A large cargo terminal of sorts was constructed at the entrance to the ammunition complex in the past two years, from which convoys of vehicles have arrived and departed, as can be seen on the photography from July 7. From an analysis of the satellite photography from the past few years and from the recent period, it seems that the terminal itself, near the main road, was not hit.

The main damage is visible in the photo of the warehouse that collapsed inwards after being hit, and vehicles can be seen in the July 7 photo, including a crane, apparently carrying out evacuation activities.

Several bunkers that were hit can be discerned in another photo. It is unclear if they sustained a direct hit or, as was reported, exploded due to secondary damage caused from damage to the main warehouse, which is located nearby.

According to the testimonies that have been gathered regarding the attack in the area of Latakia, it is possible that the ammunition warehouse was just one of several arenas. An additional report referred to a strike in the area of the Syrian naval base north of Latakia, which is used for deploying two Bastion batteries used to launch Yakhont missiles, and it is possible that they were also an attack objective.


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