Rand Paul goes Neocon – While blasting Neocons












Little Rand Neo-Conned

With all the turmoil in the Middle East recently, especially in Egypt, few observers payed any attention to a rather peculiar convergence of interests between one of the champions of the so called ‘Liberty movement”, Rand Paul, and one of its most favorite punching bags, John McCain. Both senators demanded an immediate cessation of US military aid to the Egyptian Junta which has just deposed Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood. Little Rand then made the laughable statement that “Democratic authoritarianism is replaced with military junta. American neocons say send them more of your money”. But not only Neocon McCain demanded the exact opposite of what Rand suggested, so have other top Neocons like Eliot Abrams and Joe Lieberman. While the total bankruptcy of the US oligarchy becomes increasingly clear, the dividing line between the Neocons (who aim to promote US imperialism by pretending to be “supporters of Israel”) and the Trilaterals (who aim to promote US imperialism by pretending to be “friends of Islam”) keeps getting thinner and thinner. Both factions are clearly upset about the defeat of their cherished Muslim Brotherhood.

A recent report by The Daily Caller  notes how Senator Rand Paul who is openly considering a run for president in 2016 tries to court Jewish American leaders. This is probably a futile gambit by Paul, because most American Jews have traditionally voted for the Democrats , regardless of the bogus pro\anti Israel wedge issue. Nevertheless it indicates a rather clumsy attempt by Paul to distance himself from his old man’s constituency following last year’s fiasco. As Webster Tarpley phrased it recently:  “Ron Paul, representing the racist Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, was seeking to obtain the vice presidential nomination for Senator Rand Paul, his son. As it turned out, Romney did not need Paul’s convention votes, and turned elsewhere for his running mate … Last year at Chantilly [where the Bilderberg conference took place] , they obtained an incongruous situation in which the majority of the protesters assembled outside of the hotel gate were supporters of the Ron Paul presidential campaign. Whether they know it or not, these poor dupes were thus also supporting Mitt Romney, for whom Paul was serving as the right wingman. There was a direct convergence between Paul backer Peter Thiel inside the meeting, and the Paul backers outside. This amounts to a classic control the opposition. Things like this have been happening since ancient Greece, when it was the general rule that the cult of Apollo at Delphi controlled the various cults of Dionysios which appeared to naïve observers as the opposition.”

Predictive programming and the rise of the Paleocons

Going back to Dr. Tarpley’s sharp observations – “The inability of libertarians to discover and report the truth about Bilderberg comes down to this. Bilderberg is a creature of the Rockefellers, and so is the Austrian school to which the libertarians subscribe. They are thus pre-programmed, as if with an inner gyroscope, to converge on the policy goals of the financier elite. The Bilderberg group demands genocidal austerity across the board. The libertarians, calling this the fight against big government (even though the sacrifices are borne by innocent individuals), heartily agree.”  The same can be said about the uncanny similarity between the loonie left and the rabid right on foreign policy issues. This should not surprise anyone who studied the history of controlled oppositions. That the Ron Paul scam was devised by Rockefeller and the Bilderberg steering committee from day one, should be obvious to anyone with a brain by now. As Lenin once said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”. The great 9/11 false flag and all the events that followed it have occurred simultaneously with the internet revolution which enabled the public to gain access to information detailing how it has been manipulated by the ruling class. It’s only reasonable to assume that the Oligarchy, having unlimited resources at its disposal and having predicted this potential threat to its domination matrix, played a decisive role in the formation of the alleged “Liberty movement”, which is nothing more then the re-branding of old school Paleo-conservative dogmas as something ‘new and hip’ tailor made for internet savvy youngsters. This is why so many ‘Libertarians’ are pre-programmed ,as with an inner Gyroscope, to embrace 1930’s slogans about isolationism, ‘ragged individualism’ and Judeophobic bigotry (‘antisemitism’, often thinly disguised as ‘anti-Zionism’). By doing so they marginalize themselves to the lunatic fringe of US politics, rendering any real opposition to the current power structure irrelevant.

Unsurprisingly, their celebrated ‘Bilderberg sleuth’ was the racist redneck Jim Tucker who finally croaked this year. Quoting Dr. Tarpley again on this – “Any group as sophisticated as Bilderberg knows that its arrogant and oligarchical machinations will inevitably call forth a resistance. One way to control such a resistance is by providing them with a steady flow of disinformation, disguised as leaks from the inside. A conduit for such leaks was precisely the late Jim Tucker, who wrote for the American Free Press, the descendant of the house organ of the fascist-loving American Liberty League of the 1930s. Tucker was an unreconstructed Confederate racist. At his last Bilderberger meeting, Tucker told a group of journalists that he regarded the American Civil War as the “War of Northern Aggression.” He added that he wanted reparations, not for those who had been enslaved, but rather for the slave owners, whom he said had been illegally deprived of their property by the evil President Lincoln. Tucker claimed that the Bilderberg group was in favor of socialism, and ferociously opposed to free market laissez-faire capitalism. In reality, David Rockefeller, one of those who paid for Bilderberg activities over several decades, had hired the Austrian school libertarian economist Friedrich von Hayek as his personal tutor at the London School of Economics in the 1930s, and had later financed an American professorship for Ludwig von Mises, another Austro-libertarian luminary. This means that David Rockefeller must be regarded as a founder of both the Bilderberg group and the Austrian school of economics. But it did no good to call these plain facts to Tucker’s attention: he kept repeating that the Bilderberg group supported Obama for reelection. Whether Tucker was fed these stories by a functionary from within Bilderberg, or whether he simply invented them out of whole cloth on his own, is a matter for further inquiry. To the extent that Tucker was seen as the public face of the opposition to Bilderberg, the elitists had nothing to worry about.”

Rand Paul’s attempt to distance himself from the lunatic fan base of his father started with his Israel visit in January where he took a surprisingly pro-Israel stance. News about this were naturally heavily suppressed by controlled opposition propaganda organs, like the rabidly anti-Israel Infowars.com (one of Ron Paul’s most vocal supporters) in order to spare their readers the cognitive dissonance that would surely follow such revelations. Rand is likewise endorsed by the semi-Neocon newsman Joesph Farah who is a Christian Fundamentalist and an avid supporter of Israel. On the other hand, Paul made Jack Hunter his social media director last August. As Alana Goodman shows, Hunter has a long history of pro-Confederate secession views (he has said that “John Wilkes Booth’s heart was in the right place”). Perhaps this is an indication that Rand has not entirely given up on the redneck “Libertarian” faction that was the driving force behind his daddy’s personality cult.

There is no convincing evidence, however, that Rand stands a chance to get himself in the white house in 2016, so the whole thing could be seen as yet another example of how the elite subverts the Republican party from within, this time in order to get Hillary Clinton safely in the oval office. Time will tell. Stay tuned.