Fallout: After the Latakia Bombing and the Cairo Coup, Obama is wounded beast









Editor’s Note…

While public opinion in America is preoccupied with the establishment manufactured Zimmerman circus (which follows the slowly fading Snowden circus) , tectonic shifts are underway in the Middle-East, threatening the hegemonic status of the American empire and creating new alliances between formerly vassal states.


Russo-Turkish standoff


Merely two days after the Mossad was forced to semi-officially confirm [via the UK Sunday Times] our exclusively scooped item from last week about the bombing of Russian made Yakhont missiles in Latakia , Syria, by an Israeli submarine [in order to contradict the reckless American leaks about an IAF bombing over the Russo-Syrian air defense bunker], the Kremlin has decided to try and save face by shifting the blame on Turkey, a convenient scapegoat and one of Assad’s most vocal opponents in the current conflict: “RT source: Israeli strike on Syria was carried out from Turkish base“, screams a top headline in the Kremlin’s propaganda channel, Russia today. The story was manufactured by their South African hired microphone, Paula Slier, and undoubtedly ordered  from Russian assets in Turkey who may have played a shadowy part in the Gezi park protests which preceded the Egyptian coup in Tahrir square and destabilized the Erdoghan regime strong enough to make it pull out of the planned ground invasion to Syria.

The true purpose of this disinformation piece is revealed in plain view: “News that Turkey assisted Israel in attacking another Muslim state could result in serious turmoil for Ankara, once the information is confirmed.”  The clear goal is to squeeze Erdoghan right in the family jewels in order to play on his Islamist Neo-Ottoman hubris and further expose him as a western puppet. The mounting pressure on the Erdoghan regime and the continued loss of prestige and credibility may eventually see the Egyptian precedent repeated by the Turkish army (which has done so already 3 times in the last 50 years) , and save Turkey from an Islamist theocratic nightmare (complete with Neoliberal economic disaster) of the kind Egypt was just spared. Paradoxically, such a development will benefit both sides of the equation in the pro and anti Assad camps- except for the Obama regime…


Egyptian-Israeli axis 









Debkafile’s report from yesterday begins as follows: “The Obama administration is signifying its strong disapproval of Israel and Egypt taking matters in their own hands in the last two weeks, debkafile’s military and Washington sources report: Israel was accused of independent military action against Syria, and the Egyptian army of persecuting the Muslim Brotherhood after deposing President Mohamed Morsi. “

Clearly the Obama regime is on the losing side of the recent events in Egypt which took it by surprise. Egypt is currently engaged in a massive counter terrorist operation in the Sinai , backed by an Israeli intelligence umbrella, in an effort to first contain then route out the Jihadist enclaves fostered there by regional Muslim brotherhood agents of the CIA. according to Defbkafile: “For teaching the Egyptian generals a lesson, the administration resorted to tangible military steps: two amphibious assault ships carrying 2,600 Marines were moved to the southern Egyptian Red Sea coast. Gen. James Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps, reported Thursday that the huge USS Kearsarge (1,800 Marines) and the USS San Antonio (with 800 Marines) had “moved up into the Red Sea and parked off Egypt,” a couple of nights ago, “because we don’t know what’s going to happen.”” One of the greatest concerns right now is a terrorist attack on the Suez canal which is expected to have sharply destabilizing effects on global economy in many aspects. If a false flag of this kind does occur as a pretext for sending those US navy ships to grab the Suez a-la the 1956 Franco-British botched recolonization scheme, the immediate suspect should be the Obama regime which was busy undermining regional security in the recent years precisely for this purpose.

Bottom line: Obama regime is wounded beast

The regime’s attempts to foment race riots inside the US by using the manufactured Zimmerman case as a bogus wedge issue indicates that the beast is entering its ‘wounded survivalist’ mode following the total collapse of its foreign policy which projects back negatively on its domestic matrix scheme. This attempt to divide and conquer the American people is reminiscent of the insanity of the 1960’s when a multitude of “anti-establishment radicals” where puppeteered by the establishment in order to control public opinion and discredit the opposition. This domestic unrest could be externalized and manipulated to attempt a reversal of Obama’s recent defeats in the middle east. The results are unpredictable, but in the intermediate and long term the Obama regime is toast. The remaining question is how much damage it will inflict before going down the tube. The international systems is now in the danger zone.

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