Decoding the disinfo surrounding Michael Hastings’ death




“The internet is abound with conspiracy theories surrounding the death of journalist Michael Hastings in a fiery car crash Tuesday morning”, states the Daily Caller , Presumably referring to the Infowars article  from yesterday , written by the dubious British character Paul J. Watson , who claimed just a few months ago to possess “strong evidence suggesting that “Bilderberg will return to Chantilly, Virginia for its annual closed meeting June 22-24, 2013 at the posh Westfields Marriott near the Dulles Airport” (as we all know Bilderberg convened in the UK during June this year, but Watson failed to predict it despite being located there and having the generous budget of the Infowars-PrisonPlanet complex at his disposal).

Hastings may or may have not been assassinated. It is not our concern to debate the technicalities here , but merely to point at the very problematic nature of the theories put forth to suggest why he was allegedly killed by the Feds. A quick review of Hastings’ posts at the traditionally Left-Liberal venue Rolling Stone immediately shows him to be a left ‘gate keeper’ or possibly a disinfo lackey for the left CIA. Hastings rejected 9/11 truth and lionized the ludicrous official version of the so called ‘Bin Laden assassination’ [Link]. He also published a sycophantic piece of propaganda about Obama’s devastation of Libya [Link]. but Hastings was mostly famous for his report “The Runaway General” about Gen. Stanley McChrystal who was sacked afterwards for daring to tell the truth about Obama and his clique in Washington. In other words, Hastings was targeting Obama’s foes in the military industrial complex and sugar coated the reality on the ground for his readers on behalf of the Trilateral faction behind Obama. Whatever you wanna call it , it was no real investigative journalism.

Having all of the above in mind, we read in Watson’s article that he bases his theory about the FBI’s desire to get rid of Hastings on the Wikileaks twit [Link] that claims “Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him”. This claim by itself cannot be verified , but the very use of Wikileaks as a source should immediately raise eyebrows, since Wikileaks is a joint limited hangout venture of the CIA and the Russian SVR. This fact alone demonstrates the underlying reality of intelligence community manipulation behind the recent ‘conspiracy theories’ . Was it done just to portray “alternative media” minions as gullible kooks ? Is “alternative media” actually controlled opposition?

It’s up to the readers to decide who to believe, but it doesn’t stop here: Watson goes on to extract “info” from Jim Stone- the certified NSA disinfo shill who in 2011 came up with the laughable pseudo-theory that the Fukoshima disaster in Japan was in fact “a nuclear attack by Israel on Japan” supposedly to avenge “Japan’s willingness to enrich uranium for Iran”. Such idiocy is often found in the pages of disinfo websites like VeteransToday – an obviously integral part of the CIA’s ‘operation Mockingbird’, meant among other things to destroy the reputation of foreign governments’ propaganda channels (Iran’s PressTV, where VeteransToday personnel is often comically present, comes to mind), and since the Infowars staff should be well aware of all of the above , some serious questions should be asked by the readership with regards to VeteransToday like behavior patterns in websites who claim to ‘decode government propaganda’ and expose the ‘shocking truth’ about the establishment.

Given the recent Snowden circus (shown to be a colossal limited hangout bubble) there is room to suspect that we are dealing here with yet another manifestation of the aforementioned psychological warfare scheme currently emanating from certain globalist factions. The goal and outcome of the Hastings affair remains to be seen (assuming he was really assassinated) , but given what we know about the circumstances, rest assured it has nothing to do with the “alternative media” version currently being popularized.

Stay tuned.

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