Chemtrails flush NATO to WW3









Editor’s Note…

Were the recent Flood Catastrophes in Germany the result of Chemtrails warfare by US black-ops network ? And how is this possible weather modification weapon related to strategic extortion with regards to the Syrian crisis? A senior analyst at Essential Intelligence , Scaliger (who is well acquainted with Germany) , suggests precisely such a connection. Read and decide for yourself.


Essential Intelligence



Chemtrails (a USAF term [Link]) might have caused the recent Flood Catastrophes in Germany, forcing Germany to bash Erdoghan and keep a distance from Putin. The Chemtrails must have been sprayed by the US occupation of Germany. Most affected are Bavaria and its neighbors Saxony(including Dresden) and Baden-Wurtemberg, The big rivers of Germany are now poisoned to the point the radio calls the residents in affected areas to boil the water. In some people, including our sources, this yields a physiological response of a runny-nose while strolling along the Rivers both west and east of south-Germany, given mild wind which could bring poison from the rivers in to the air in the form of micro-droplets/emulsion(the pharmaceutical term)/suspension(the Chemical-warfare term). These walks became possible well after the floods subsided from most of their peak of several meters over the normal water level. This is while having a slow walk in warm weather and being healthy. Chemtrails were most-clearly observed by our sources while being sprayed between 5AM sharp and 6AM sharp one otherwise-sunny day over north-eastern Bavaria October 2012. The whole light blue sky turned zigzagged with that intended superficial white blur, which lasted for quite a while there after – suggesting no major winds that early morning. In October Germany already enters the freezing winter and doesn’t need any cloud seeding in order to rain down properly, definitely not in Bavaria which receives huge flows of water from the long and massive west-Czech mountain ranges which form the Czech-Bavarian border.

Germany has just gone blatantly aggressive against Erdoghan, including a huge demonstration in Köln with dozens of thousands Turks + several Ethnic-German state-level politicians. This compounds Merkel’s recent open hostility vs. Erdoghan and even Putin.
This Modus Operandi reminds of Summer 2002, when the Elbe Dams were collapsed and Dresden was dipped in many thousands of tons of poisonous Chemicals swept from Industrial storage tanks along the Elbe shores. Tanks the kind of the Haifa Ammonia Tank in Israel. This happened after Germany refused to let go the blood-libels against Israel following the Defensive-Shield operation, which was known to all to be the path-breaker towards the 2003 Iraq war. Within months Chancellor Schröder was replaced by Merkel in specially-timed early elections. Germany seems to expect another such flood attack, much more powerful,and this time by surprise which wouldn´t leave time to escape or shield the water banks, like has been recently successfully performed, thus leading to many fatalities. Quite likely next month.
This suggests the USA now means business and plays hardball in order to topple Assad’s regime in Syria. For that matter it forces Germany to side with Franco-Anglo-America. The Excuse for a NATO invasion of Syria may be Syria’s refusal of an international peace conference, thus blaming Assad for an open-ended homicidal war. This flood happens exactly at the time the Fed tells its QE will be over by this year’s end. This is WW3, involving a weather modification weapon for strategic extortion.